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Yes, I boost. It costs 1 gem for 1 and 4 and 3 for 8. Someone with more computational skillz than I might be able to do the math to see if the boosting is worth it, but it is nice to get those combines done more quickly.

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In AL1A/1B, boosting 'shards every hour will give you a total of 360 'shards every 5 days, costing you a total of 120 gems every 5 days.

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2 (regular 'shard production per hour) + 1 (gem boost) = 3 'shards per hour at the cost of 1 gem x 24 hours per day = 72 'shards per day at the cost of 24 gems x 5 days = 360 'shards every 5 days for 120 gems.

In AL4A/4B, boosting 'shards every 6 hours will give you a total of 420 'shards every 5 days, costing you a total of 60 gems every 5 days.

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15 (regular 'shard production every 6 hours) + 6 (gem boost) = 21 'shards every 6 hours at the cost of 3 gems x 4 (there are four 6-hour in 24 hours or 1 day) = 84 'shards per day at the cost of 12 gems x 5 days = 420 'shards every 5 days for 60 gems.

In AL8A/8B, boosting 'shards every 2 days will give you a total of 450 'shards every 5 days, costing you a total of 52.5 gems every 5 days.

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135 (regular 'shard production every 2 days) + 45 (gem boost) = 180 'shards every 2 days at the cost of 21 gems x 2.5 (there are 2.5 production cycles in 5 days) = 450 'shards every 5 days at the cost of 52.5 gems. Yeah, I technically know that you don’t get the 'shards on the fifth day since it will spew the full amount of the last production cycle on the sixth day, but this is for the sake of computing in 5 days or exactly 120 hours.

So, in 5 days, boosting 'shard production everytime will give you a total of 1,230 'shards at the cost of 232.5 gems at AL1, AL4 and AL8.

Thanks so much! that is really helpful. I will have to see if it is really worth it…

At first glance, yes. 3/7 with 4* mats so far, plus the emblems guaranteed… I think I will continue to boost.

Consider this: AL10A (also has 5% chance giving off epic ascension material) and AL10B gives a total of 2,100 'shards every 7 days for the cost of 300 gems.

Very good to know. Guess I’ll have to invest the ham in the research. Everything comes down to ham. Never have enough…

I do consider them. Especially 10A to try and have more shots at 4* mats.

I’m just forever hungry for mana items which I use to get me 2 4* mats from the monthly events so in its way AL is already paying me out those.

Just in a different way I guess.

Which as I’ve said before is why everyone should be running AL. It helps to fill gaps and gives you 30 emblems every time you hit 1000 (mine is roughly every 6 days)

None of that has to cost anything so it’s just something everyone should be doing

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Still running it. Anyone know the max? Im going to guess its 10.

100 @ AL4b

Would’ve paid the gems for the extra shards but unfortunately this happens every time I collect from

AL 10 a

another 100 @AL4b

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No reason for me to transmute anytime soon. I have enough mats. Definitely not going to spend gems for extra Alkashards lol.

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