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Well, in Germany we say that a picture tells you more than 1000 words, but in your case a few words as explanation would be very welcome…


I didn’t get any good ascension mats from the alkashards. Just emblems. I regretfully spent the 600 gems.

I got sick of the poor rewards I’ve been getting from titans & element chests, so i decided to try this out. The alkashard return is good

Yes, the alkashards are good, but it doesn´t mean that you “got” this 4* mat, they’ve just were switched with yours already had in your inventory (level 10 of alchemy lab). That´s what the picture is showing to us. You could put a picutre of what u got from the alkashards combination (sorry by my english). I´ve seen videos that people make this combination after 20k alks, so they improve the odds. It´s like 1/10 (4* mat). Good luck :slight_smile:


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Yeah that’s what I was hoping for. Lots of alkashards, but 0 4* ascension mats. I wanted to keep it going but I ran out of mats to trade.

That’s what I initially thought, but the last stage just “converts” one 4* material to another. I made the experience that it took me 11 runs for a tome of tactics, the only thing I really need. For me it is not worth it spending the 2k gems.


I am just running 1, 4 and 8, but I can combine every 5 days. I haven’t researched any other levels yet. So far I am 3/7 in getting a 4* mat when combining. It’s worth it just for the emblems. AL is a great deal.

I highly recommend level 6 for epic troops,its a very good solution for iron storage, especially for players who have completed all the buildings

I think you mean the Hero Academy, level six. I have 408 days worth of troops in the queue. Nothing else to do with my iron. That and making tornadoes.


Yep. I don’t see the point in 9 & 10 myself but different horses for different courses.

My pinch point is all mana items :joy: So AL is great to help make them and the ingredients for them. So I run 1, 2 and 5 for this reason and that helps prop up my excessive mana usage

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I could definitely see the point in transmuting one 4* mat to another. I have 11 tomes and 7 D-blades, but am sitting on 8, 5, 4, 2, 0 of Tonics, Rings, Tabards, Darts and Scopes, respectively.

Would be really nice to change some of those extra tomes/blades to something I could use. The ham costs are killing me though. Leveling troops and adding emblems leaves me with about ZERO food to do any research that I want to do. There is NEVER enough ham…

My one big ask would be to allow the AL to transmute Iron into Ham. That would be a lifesaver. Lack of ham is the single thing holding me back in this game.
Meanwhile, I have about 11 million in iron bundles sitting in my inventory…

Yeah something like that would be cool. 2 iron to 1 food and vice versa would be fine.

I make tonnes of items for event runs so will always be able to burn the iron but for others it would be a very useful addition in the future.

It’s all for the Alkashards. Trading mats for another one to get Alkashards, hoping that those turn into mats as well. Even though ypu dont get mats, atleast you have a choice to get 30x emblems or some consumables ofcourse


Hahahaha,wrong building :laughing:

Unfortunately, I think the appearance rate of 4* AM for spending 1000 alkashards is 10%. That’s based off my memory when the feature was tested in beta and released to the live version.

Spending 600 gems for 1400 alkashards would essentially equate to buying a 4* AM for 4,290 gems or so. The boosts are not worth it.

I ran AL20 or 10b or whatever we call it now for a while when I had excess rings and no reds to ascend. If we think about getting 1,050 alkashards for 200 gems:

200 gems / 1050 alkashards = 0.19 gems / alkashard * 1000 alkashards to trade → 190 gems per trade.
On average with an appearance rate of 10%, that means you’re spending 1905 gems to create a 4* AM with alkashards and the emblems you ostensibly choose the other 9 times.

So running the last level of AL can be worth it, depending on whether you’d rather have a 10-pull or a 4* AM+emblems. For me, its only use is when you have too many 4* AM of a particular type and you would rather have 1 of anything else.


I am looking forward to AL10b. I have about 2 days left on the research. I am chomping at the bit for D. Blades, Tonics, and Darts. Meanwhile, I have 18 Telescopes gather dust. Due to me not needing just 1 type of material, I have a much better chance of getting something I need and can use right away!

Yeah exactly. I had excess telescopes before I put them in AL20. Right now Im just playing around with AL19. I might collect at 10. I don’t think I’m going to spend the extra gems for alkashards next time. It might cost 1000+ gems lol

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AL1A/1B – 2 alkashards per hour = 48 'shards per day = 240 'shards every 5 days
AL4A/4B – 15 alkashards every 6 hours = 60 'shards per day = 300 'shards every 5 days
AL8A/8B – 135 alkashards every 2 days = 337.5 'shards every 5 days

240 + 300 + 337.5 = 877.5 'shards every 5 days.

Do you boost shard production using gems?

I used AL10 just for me to balance my DBlade vs ToT count, which has a discrepancy as high as 5 units in favor of the DBlade. Now, my ToT is 2 units higher than my DBlade, but this coming Farholme Pass will reduce it by one. I sometimes use AL9 since the weekly 1,050 shards it produces hasten the appearance rates of 4* ascension mats, on top of it providing a chance of getting epic ascension mats every now and then. AL9 once gave me a 4* ascension mat and the 'shards it produced, when it was combined, also gave me option to chose DBlade. I was happy about that back then. Yeah, the silly thing is it costs gems. But the 100ish gems can be accumulated easily from various sources, and it would be easy for anyone who still has VIP Pass up on their accounts.

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