Alchemy Lab menu jumps around

When collecting things from Alchemy Lab, it now jumps around. This may have been an intentional update, but it’s awful. Leave the menu where the user scrolled last, that’s UI 101.

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it jumps to the next available item ready to collect (if there is any)

unusual change and personally i am indifferent about it but i wish they mention changes like this in the release notes

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I love this unannounced update, allowing a player to directly go to the AL function where an available material and shards can be collected after collecting some material and shards from a previous AL function.

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It’s awful, UI should never attempt to be smarter than the player.

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I don’t like the change and agree that it should at the very least have been highlighted in the update release notes.

I collected some completed items from AL and then wanted to do more of the same transmutations, then realised only belatedly that there had been a jump to the next transmutation and I had actually increased the number in queue for the second item instead of setting items for the first. I didn’t look at the ingredients because I usually just hit the Auto button. Then I had to scroll back up to transmute more of the first.

The change caught me off guard and I’m just grateful I didn’t accidentally increase the numbers for items that require gems…

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