Alchemy lab lvl 1 research?

Hi, my teammate has the an advanced food storage at lvl 7 and one at lvl 3, which should hold enough food to do research on the 1st item in the alchemy lab, but her storage says her max is 2944 , when it should be 2952, she plays on iOS…so is there a difference between iOS and Android ??? as I have the same, but I play on Android … Thanks in advance for any help

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Hmm, I’m not coming up with that total:

  • Level 20 = 689
  • Level 20 = 689
  • Level Advanced 3 = 742
  • Level Advanced 7 = 814
  • Stronghold = 10k extra

689 + 689 + 742 + 814 + 10 = 2944

Which seems to be what hers says too:

Amounts per: 🏡 Memento advanced buildings

Where did you come up with the 2952 from?

Also, you may want to direct her to the discussion in this thread, where nearly everyone has recommended against building and using Alchemy Lab: 🎲 Alchemy Lab FAQ, Discussion & Alkashard Calculator

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@zephyr1, hi, it says 2952 for food to research uncommon crafting materials so she can do her 1st transmutation, her SH is also at lvl 23 and her other food storages are at lvl 20, thank you for your help, can you please give me more assistance ?

Hi @Shanta22 I meant how did you conclude that a Level 3 and Level 7 Advanced Food Storage should total more than 2944k of Food Storage?

That seems to be the expected amount, as I noted above.

Are you saying you’ve seen a Level 3 Advanced Food Storage that holds more than 742k or a Level 7 Advanced Food Storage that holds more than 814k?

@zephyr1, Hi, and yes, mine was at the same …lvl 7 advanced food storage and lvl 3 advanced food storage, with that I was able to do research on the 1st transmutation I am now just lvling up my lvl 7 advanced food to lvl 8, but currently max is 2963 … Help please , and thank you so much

@zephyr1, hi, it’s me again , I found the problem … I made a mistake !!, … I was at lvl 8 on advanced food and lvl 3 … Thank you for,helping me figure this out, you were correct … Thank you so much :smiley:


Makes sense, and you’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:


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