Alchemy Lab/Hero Academy Double selling fair?

Did not try but possibly only usable for legendary challenge.

I thought the legendary challenge always stated 4* items or lower? It never mattered before because there were no 5* battle items for a long time.

Kinda glad I asked lol. I’m also referring to all items from hunters lodge not just harpoons- some of these are sold in the daily offers.

Here’s a great example

You cannot farm for hidden blades. They are found sometimes in missions, mystic visions, and quests.

They will be useable anywhere 5* battle items are permissible. We don’t know exactly where that will be yet. It seems unlikely that any of the current 4* battle item restrictions will be raised though.


Good enuf for me at this point in time… Ty @Garanwyn


Regular farming example - needed to be see with own eyes, wonder now if event tiers will expand to a 4th tier with 5* items or what.
Imo, it’s not that awesome to only use em for Titans and farming. I’m sure there’ll be more uses for these items in the near future

How it’s possible to change an telescope in to another telescope, this is not fair we wait for 7 days pay the 200 gems, and what? For the same s%#'t?!

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Moved your post to the right thread. Please continue.

I actually didn’t know that was possible

I thought devs said the return mat is guaranteed to be different than what is put in

Did they change that somewhere or is this a bug?

The description says “transmute epic ascension materials into different epic ascension materials.”

If you truly did transmute a scope to a scope, I’d like to see it. And I would suggest a ticket to resolve. But this should not be possible.



It could have been an older input…? But the most recent thing they put in was a telescope.

For example:

  1. Puts in darts (as an example) (7 day transmute time)

  2. 3 days later, puts in a telescope (7 day transmute time)

  3. 4 days later, first transmutation finishes… And out pops a telescope.

I don’t remember to use any of my darts… I need those darts, I have 13 telescopes… Or maybe was my mistake

DartS was an example. I am saying that if you have multiple things queued, one of the earlier transmutations may NOT have been scopes that got put in. Thus making a scope possible on the out.



I agree with you — I’d add the cost for hero storage too.

Having said that —

Alchemy Lab has one viable feature, and it’s a corner case:

All 4* mats are awarded either randomly or statically — but the use ratio for tomes/blades is one sixth that of every other mat

It’s possible, over time, to get above the natural progression curve — math people can help define this - where the incremental value of the next blade or tome is functionally zero


You’ll get one Another from a predictable quest before you will get the next set of elemental mats that would set Your need above +1 (see: JIT manufacturing)

Real Example:

I have 2-3 Of each elemental mat; but through RNG shenanigans have 7 tomes and 9 blades.

Converting the excess into elemental mats takes something with diminished returns and gives me something more Much more valuable at good odds When I need it.

From a design perspective:

I’d love to see an incremental step for changing a tome/blade to Random elemental 4* mat

All this would do is remove the chance of

Blade -> Tome
Tome -> Blade

Which is such a small shift to the odds vs the annoyance of having to run it twice it’s simple to tweak the other variables - like cost to compensate.

And it works.

Traded a handful of tomes / blades for scopes, rings and a dart on a friends account — that let him ascend two immediately.

Beyond that — I struggle to see a use/justify the cost


I don’t know how to chart the intersection — hell, I don’t even know what to call it… help please

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Purge Style Event once a year — before the end of the Fiscal year.

Can Bolt it onto The legends event.

Provide a slightly better trade in ratio on Heroes from the last 12 months so this stuff doesn’t stack up forever…

Think a simple “feed a duplicate to increase your portal ascension chest“ could work, but only if they don’t monkey around with the odds to compensate for the trade in

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How is that possible to pay twice for Atlantic deal?? They took my money twice.

Hi there @MattiZeus1. Account issues are handled via support. You would need to send in a support ticket to start the process:

Please be aware SG does not process support tickets on the weekend. :+1:

I definitely don’t find this right

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