Alchemy Lab/Hero Academy Double selling fair?

pull 300 gem and get *3 , then pull 10x to get another *3 x 10 , also if you get *5 and you also has possibilit to get another Khagan or Mook-ar , how do you like that ?

its a “chance” and “rng” , i could get Lianna from 300 gem re-roll and possible to get same “Khagan” as well. but at least its a guarantee *5 while portal only give you less than 1% for *5 and could get another Khagan as well , re-roll *5 for another *5 give better chance

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there is a number of unwanted heroes, even 5*, plus heroes you have already. so you are not gonna be happy with every reroll. so you pay 600 gems for a chance to end up what you started with. you may be fine with it, I am not. at least, at a portal, I ALWAYS get another hero - feeder, dupe, new, whatever. at this academy, you can simply end up with 600 gems gone.

well then i have no words for you if you better to spend thousand $$ to get junk than to re-roll guarantee *5 for 300 gem , just good luck for you lol. or maybe you didnt spend eh ?

personally i spent $300 without single *5 at Atlantis March-19 and my alliance mate spent $1000 to get GM / Tarlak at 2 last atlantis , but only get duplicate 1 Irsania , 2 Azlar , 1 Mork-ar and without any HOTM.

You keep repeating how you and your mate have spent a lot of money in pulls like it’s something to be proud about or like it somehow proves your point. No, it doesn’t. Alchemy Lab / Hero Academy would still be a ripoff if they keep the idea of charging gems for rerolling ascension mats or 5* heroes.

I hope SG changes it cuz based on the comments here almost everybody hates the idea of paying double.


So how do you sell them back? I am confused, what is the hero academy? Perhaps there is more to this game than I realized?

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As I said in my first post in this thread, this is the place to look so you know what we’re talking about:


Whahahaa this really Rigs. Whatever you wrote always make my day. Btw Need DBlade more than hidden one.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It actually prove exactly the opposite.

Hero Academy should adress hero shortage (or more then anything duples) of those who cannot perform so much summons every time, or simply are tired and pissed to do so.

He don’t bother to spending without any result because in a way or another with that kind of budget he get what he want.
Hero Academy for him is just another way to obtain it.
Don’t work? Up to summons again!

Sorry bud, that’s exactly the opposite goal most of the people want.
We want to give meaning to our failed summons, not another excuse to spend more gems without any return.

If you are fine because you have a healthy life… good for you. May your income be greater every month.

But here we are trying to fix things for those who cannot (or don’t want) to just solve everything with throwing cash out of the window.


Yeah it’s frustrating… I feel bad for my partner… he has not once gotten a decent pull over the couple of years we have been playing. so now he just collects gems… I however, keep trying… I read where folks got some ‘awesome’ pulls on the Atlantis event… darn almost did a pull… oh well that is how it works huh? I am still wondering about this hero academy… and selling them back… can someone please explain it to me?

Hero Academy isn’t even in Beta yet. We have no idea how it is going to work. Everything on it is just speculation. All we really know is that Advanced Training Camp was combined into Hero Academy and that the dev’s want us to have a use for duplicates… the AMA has everything


not something i should be proud of but its fact , many people talked from the point when they do not want to spend , and i was trying to tell from my point of view which i spent and i want to spend more if needed , you need to hear from both side to get fair answer , thats all.

Might be a stupid question, but here goes nothing- can items crafted I the hunters lodge only bevusedcon Titans? Or are they available to use in monthly and seasonal events. What about class quest trials? Farming?

Can be used for all except raids.

But if used on titans, you get parts as well.

It is just an upgraded version of battle axe.

I’m guessing they can’t be used on challenge events? Since those restrict the level of battle items you can bring.


Did not try but possibly only usable for legendary challenge.

I thought the legendary challenge always stated 4* items or lower? It never mattered before because there were no 5* battle items for a long time.

Kinda glad I asked lol. I’m also referring to all items from hunters lodge not just harpoons- some of these are sold in the daily offers.

Here’s a great example

You cannot farm for hidden blades. They are found sometimes in missions, mystic visions, and quests.

They will be useable anywhere 5* battle items are permissible. We don’t know exactly where that will be yet. It seems unlikely that any of the current 4* battle item restrictions will be raised though.


Good enuf for me at this point in time… Ty @Garanwyn


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