Alchemy Lab & Hero Academy can't come soon enough

I’m sure these are nearly universal sentiments at this point, but today I’m really feeling it. To give this some context, I’m a C2P player going on about 10 months of solid playing. To date, I’ve pulled six total 5* heroes. Three have come from TC20 (which admittedly I’ve only had up since about March) and the other three via the summon portal.

Unfortunately, all six heroes have been red. TC20 has blessed me with Khagan, Elena and Marjanna, while the portal has given me an additional two Khagan and Anzogh (hooray for a HOTM!). While I’m certainly happy to have those heroes, the RNG system has not been kind at giving me a variety to be able to start rounding out a workable 5* team. To compound the frustration, I have not had particular luck with red non-farmable ascencion mats either. At the moment I have eight blades and 4 rings. Not quite enough to max out a single one of those heroes. To contrast that, I have 12 orbs and 7 darts as well as 18 shields and 6 tonics which are all collecting dust as I wait for heroes to use them on. I already have two full rainbow teams of 4* heroes I’m happy with and I’m ascending others as I have extra mats to ensure I have no regrets when I finally do pull 5*'s of other colors.

I’m excited that options are being explored that will help rectify some of the randomness of the system, and give some control back to those of us who can’t afford to spend big in the virtual slot machines, but as far as I’m concerned these features can’t come soon enough! Anyone else out there in a similar spot?


I’m sure everyone has this problem that’s C2P. My advice depends on which green heros you have. Also space is cheap as I was told but ultimately it’s up to you. There is a thread talking about Hero Academy & how people are disappointed that you have to spend gems to reroll any hero. Just some food for thought while you wait for Hero Academy to roll put

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Things that works well requires time to be developed, Id rather wait 2020 to have a good buildings than having another P2W gem sinking features.

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I certainly understand wanting to make sure the solutions work first, and that they are actual solutions/aids to the problem rather than another feature you have to sink gems (or money) into. I also understand that those things take time and testing. It’s just hard to be patient when you’ve hit a wall in your progression and the potential solutions to break through that wall seem to be a ways out from releasing. I realize there’s nothing that can actually be done about that though too. I mostly just needed to vent & was curious if there were others in the same bind at the moment haha

As a fellow C2P/F2P, all I could say is that you are so lucky to be able to get 5* from summon portals… In about a year and half of playing, with the exception of one HoTM in Frida, I have not been able to pull a single 5* out of any summon portals (Elemental, Event, Seasonal, Atlantis). All of my 5* heroes are from TC20.

Besides playing for no $ spent, my play style (no duplicates and are therefore fed) usually means I do not have the “luxury” of having to decide who to give Mats to, it will be whoever is up next and I also do not speed level, so the long road of working on 5* heroes means I would typically have time to accumulate trickles of mats along the way. I have preferences of who I would work on current/next for each element, so those that don’t get the nod right away are just going to sitting on the bench until I get to them. I usually do not deviate from whoever I was working on currently and usually will either get him/her to max or tier cap, unless a hero comes along that drastically modifies gameplay.

Just reading some of the discussions/speculations about the Hero Academy, if both RNG and Gems are involved and you could end up “worse” than before you started, I may end up not utilizing the feature much. Again, how the devs are going to make H.A “F2P friendly” is debatable, will have to take a “wait and see” about this. As long as they are not nerfing the existing system out of TC20, I am fine with whatever they come up with next.


Thanks for the input. You’re right that I am very lucky to have gotten any 5*'s from a summon portal at all considering the odds and the amount of pulls I’ve actually made, even as a C2P player. To be fair, both Khagan I’ve pulled from the summon portal were dupes by the time I got them as my Khagan from TC20 was my very first 5*, so the two additional I’ve pulled won’t merit me much until the Academy does roll out.

Still, you’re point is valid. I’ve been encouraged that they seem to be listening to player feedback about the Alchemy Lab and have pulled it from beta to rework it. The first implementation did not look very appealing. Here’s to hoping they can figure out a workable solution that is a good balance for F2P and spending players for each of these features. And that they figure it out soon! :smiley:

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