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Alchemy Lab is trash, i hope you will learn from it and make the hero academy less profit-seeking than more addressed to the players. @devs

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where’s the dislike button @zephyr1? :wink:

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: works pretty well :wink:


what does work pretty well? the alchemy lab?? and did i made you angry? if so sry for that :sweat_smile:

He was saying to use “:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:” for “dislike” since there is no dislike button :grinning: for example:

I didn’t notice any changes to Alchemy Lab in the V26 release notes :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


ah alright didnt get it lol
but if so: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Which building do you thing be better to turn into an alquimic lab?

Forge only…

20 forges

This thread validates that the devs aren’t really listening to the players about the Alchemy Lab. Beta testers and now players are screaming from the highest mountaintops to beg the devs to fix a terribly broken system to deaf ears.

I haven’t heard a single player in beta or on the game that has anything positive to say about the Alchemy Lab. I have almost 30k Alkashards that I refuse to use because of the the terrible rewards for the time, ham, items and gems to get me there.



None :slight_smile: in this form waste of time and resources if you still want - forge

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@zephyr1 any chance there is an upcoming AMA where we can get a comment from SG about the current state of the Alchemy Lab? :grin:


There isn’t one scheduled currently, but we started talking about doing another one with Tim again, since the last one with him was in March 2019.

That would definitely be the right one to ask about that, since he’s the lead game designer.


The terrible d blade - tome imbalance that I suffer from will force me to use AL lvl 10.

5:15 current ratio is an eyesore everytime I look in my inventory. Maybe I’ll even do some more transmutations to get to 10k shards. But I won’t be getting those rewards. The transmutation costs need adjustment badly.


Oh man. You know what is really funny? I had 9 D BLADES, and 9 Tome of Tactics. I put in a DB, and the game gives me a Tome. Second time I put in the Tome, and I get a DB. Thank you empires. You’ve just made me turn my ALCHEMY LAB back into a forge. And yes, I still have my 9 DB, and 9 Tomes.


I hope my tomes get turned into blades!

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That’s the entire reason I am researching this crap, this better work out :rofl:

Well, statistically speaking you’ll end up with a 6:8 ratio (the other tomes ending up as other 4* mats) in 7 weeks. I guess that’s more balanced? :man_shrugging:
Oh yeah, and you will pay a sh*tload of gems to get there.

AL is a joke.

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