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I don’t know what exactly they have said, so I can only comment on what I see before me here …

Not primarily for finding bugs, no. Beta testers are not supposed to go looking for corner cases. It’s not the primary concern.

(But if you throw enough beta testers at a new feature, corner cases are bound to show up. Just all the combinations of hardware, system versions, hero rosters, play style … whatever the primary intention, beta testers cover a lot of important ground just being themselves. Not looking for bugs. Just stumbling upon them.)

QA though? I’ve worked with QA. Beta testing is part of QA. And “feedback from players on features before release” is usually primarily sought for QA.

(And unless it’s phrased so as to suggest “feedback on the concept designs of new features”, it should as it stands also cover “feedback on the implementation of new features” – i.e. bug reports.)

So if beta testing is not intended to be primarily for QA, I’m missing a few pieces of this puzzle.


We can point to some direct statements about the intention of Beta when the Community AMA transcript is published in the next couple of weeks.

But I can tell you that there was an explicit statement that QA isn’t the intention, and that while bug reports were acknowledged as being helpful, they’re not the reason why they have a Beta program.


As far as I recall, the Alkashard thing was not present there in the initial state, so I’d assume they created it based on feedback that running Alchemy Lab transmutations make no sense at all. So if they took that time and effort to create new mechanism, they may as well have had chance to play around some numbers.

Because really if you think about it, it makes some sense that level two changes battle items 1* to battle items 2*, or that you could melt ascensions mats 1* into ascension mats 2* and then to 3* etc. What doesn’t make sense at all is conversion ratio (like 15 items into 1 item) and costs (like 42k food + 15 items to create 1 item that can be forged without rng for 3-10k; not to mention the gem costs). I don’t believe it would require a lot of development and coding to just adjust the numbers to more realistic.


As i said in my video, it is by far the worst update they ever made. It is a waste of resources and time and no one no metter how he play should build this stupid building. They wasted so much time and effort to make a building no one will ever use. I already converted my back to my lvl 12 forge…
The alkashards is a joke, the rewards are joke, the ratio is a joke.
There is a chance it is the worst update i ever had in any game i ever played in my life and that is just amazingly horrible…





…yep…ran all the numbers…still trash


Rofl, i love that movie.


I’m kinda disagree with your view of a lab. It’s a junk sink, not some miracle thing to give a free stuff to everybody. Active players have tons of junk, healing herbs and training manuals namely. Running the lab takes like 900k food per day - not that much, I have more just from farms, not counting titans, chests, watchtower and raids. My guess - if i convert all the junk, I’ll have just enough for 10k shards. Am I willing to trade the useless junk, food (which is free) and time for a guaranteed 4* asc item? Sure thing.
I can say one thing - full ascension of a first 5* I’ve got took almost a year of active play. So, i’m fine with long waiting times.
Also, as I see it, it is not supposed to run 24/7. It is what it is, a junk sink.
It could be better, i won’t deny it, but for me it is useful as it is.

Yes, but also need some of gems…

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Not for combining shards though (that’s where the guaranteed 4* mat would come from)


(To be clear: I’m not saying it’s a good deal for that reason! Still takes way too much ham to be worthwhile.)


Well, I can’t say that unfarmable 3* and 4* are useless junk, at least, not for me.
If one have plenty of that - well, I would guess he’s gemmed that, one way or another. So, shouldn’t be a problem to gem a little more.
I was speaking about low levels, 1-5. I don’t see a situation where I even consider using lvl 9 or 10. At least, not with RNG involved. Getting a certain mat, with, like 1000 gems for a 4* and 300 gems for a 3* - that stuff I’ll at least consider. But no RNG.

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Hey @zephyr1, I was curious how as a beta tester you give feedback to SG? They talk personally to you, it’s a “ chat” type setting like line app, all beta testers do a “group call”… I think it would be beneficial for those not in beta to know how it works.

We post on the Forum, in a section that’s only visible to players in Beta.


Yeah but it will take u somthing like 8 month to get it during that time u will have 24 rare quests and free 24 epic items… And i dont know about u but i alwayes need food to feed my troops and heroes. So spending 160M+ for 1 4* acending item is a joke.


8 months and 160M is with lvl 1 conversion. And 24 epic quests in 8 months are not true, more like 18. That 18 items is not enough to ascend a hero. I’m aiming for more like 3 to 4 months of work (optimal route, with 3 conversions simultaneously will give something like 70 days). As I already said, I have junk for one combine. I suppose, later I’ll just drop some junk in lab from time to time and have small return, which will add up eventually. This is a game of patience, after all.

61m ham and 17k items. Let me know if you have this on hand and then tell me if you still plan on using alchemy lab. And this route is optimal.


Can you please make a screenshot of lvl 6 transmutation, if you researched that? There’s much contradictory info about it, first-hand feedback would be useful.

I would appreciate if houses could be converted to AL, Barracks and Lodge.
AL seems even less worth it, when only having 1 forge left having all 3 buildings.
The ridicilous amount of iron and food needed to build and research + leveling heroes and troops, not to talk about actually using the new buildings, makes it out of the question to convert farms, mines or storages.
A House converted to a different building could be viable option imo.
I know it is free and easy to convert a building back to a forge, but not possible if having 2 builders busy.
It is annoying to plan several days ahead, what building to convert to.

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Do you have so much food and iron that 1 forge isn’t enough for you? Hard to believe…

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