Alchemy Lab ETA / Planned Release Date

having seen the new talents and liking im finding myself looking at my base & thinking ,
Im almost all leveled at L20 buildings other than the baracks which currently dont need upping so

when can we expect the new promised buildings ? is there an aprox date ?

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@drenai I haven’t seen any date posted, and I haven’t heard anyone mention that testing of the Alchemy Lab in beta has started. So I think we just don’t know yet.

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Why would they need to be tested? It’s just a building that does some set thing. Doesn’t change gameplay, so I don’t think either building will make it to beta.

Perhaps. Personally I hope it’s tested; I think releasing any major new feature without any user testing and getting some feedback would be risky for bad outcomes.

And plenty of things can break with any code.


Assuming they’re following agile sw release process. Needs to be some regression and uat in there somewhere before they push to the masses.

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Everything needs to be tested.


So far there hasn’t been a SINGLE character/feature that went into beta and came out unchanged


But we can share feedback and change what the building can do.

And yes, there can be some bug even there.


What is Alchemy Lab used for?

In short, converting things you have and don’t want into things you do want (mostly ascension mats).

In full, it was born out of this thread:


Because if it is going to convert things, possibly, wouldn’t you want a chance for your peers (the beta testers) to see the conversions, make sure they are reasonable (and work as intended) and provide suggestions before they show up and everyone hates it because it’s like too expensive or makes no sense or something else?

I must say that there is a much wider experience level in beta now - more early/mid game players whose feedback is critical to these types of things as most of the players are in this bucket, not the old guy bucket I am in.


Please, where can I get info, if the Alchemy Lab was released in BETA? (when it happened/would happen in future).
Or is there a thread, where I can see, what is being tested in BETA?

And will these new buildings ( AL and Hero Academy) be released together?


Thank you, that’s what I wanted. I’m stupid, didn’t think about searching “BETA” :smiley:

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This thread is outdated, since it’s from January.

Please see the Beta Beat thread linked above for more current information and discussion.

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