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Stopped tracking my results rigorously, just as I have in elemental chests, but I got my first 4* mat from shards yesterday! Scope for me. Maybe 5 total combines so far, so I’m ahead of the curve for now. :slight_smile:


After 2 months since my last 4*, I got a new one.


My first and second combinations. :sweat_smile: First one was before the increased rate of emblems.


Recipes 1B, 10A, and 10B. Using gems to boost shards too, so 3304 shards per week. Given the number of 4* mats I have already seen from the shard combine, the gem boost is worth it for me.

Sometimes I see 500 gems offering for a 4* mats. Is gemboosting for alkashards a better way to obtain the 4*mats or just buy them with gems ?

I have been keeping track for a while but I never posted this before.

# Date DSL Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Slot 5 Slot 6 Chosen
1 2-Sep 0 Trap Tools Fine Gloves Ranger Rogue Hunter’s Caltrops Time Freeze Rogue
2 9-Sep 7 Sturdy Shields Warm Capes Rogue Monk Panacea Titan Banner Monk
3 14-Sep 5 Fine Gloves Sturdy Shields Rogue Ranger Hunter’s Caltrops Titan Banner Rogue
4 20-Sep 6 Trap Tools Hidden Blades Cleric Ranger Hunter’s Caltrops Giant Harpoon Ranger
5 25-Sep 5 Hidden Blades Sturdy Shields Cleric Ranger Scroll of Alteration Hunter’s Caltrops Ranger
6 30-Sep 5 Compasses Trap Tools Barbarian Rogue Scroll of Alteration Panacea Barbarian
7 6-Oct 6 Fine Gloves Warm Capes Monk Barbarian Titanium Shield Valkyrie’s Bane Barbarian
8 11-Oct 5 Tomes of Tactics Fine Gloves Rogue Barbarian Panacea Scroll of Alteration Tomes of Tactics
9 17-Oct 6 Orbs of Magic Hidden Blades Monk Druid Hunter’s Caltrops Invisibility Shield Monk
10 22-Oct 5 Orbs of Magic Warm Capes Cleric Ranger Scroll of Alteration Valkyrie’s Bane Cleric
11 27-Oct 5 Warm Capes Compasses Ranger Druid Valkyrie’s Bane Giant Harpoon Ranger
12 2-Nov 6 Trap Tools Sturdy Shields Cleric Barbarian Hurricane Titanium Shield Barbarian
13 9-Nov 7 Compasses Warm Capes Wizard Sorcerer Panacea Scroll of Alteration Wizard
14 17-Nov 8 Orbs of Magic Sturdy Shields Druid Sorcerer Time Freeze Panacea Sorcerer
15 17-Nov 0 Sturdy Shields Trap Tools Cleric Fighter Panacea Valkyrie’s Bane Fighter
16 24-Nov 7 Compasses Warm Capes Barbarian Druid Hunter’s Caltrops Hurricane Barbarian
17 24-Nov 0 Sturdy Shields Compasses Cleric Druid Titanium Shield Titan Banner Cleric
18 1-Dec 7 Poison Darts Fine Gloves Ranger Paladin Invisibility Shield Hurricane Poison Darts
19 2-Dec 1 Trap Tools Orbs of Magic Sorcerer Barbarian Panacea Titan Banner Barbarian
20 8-Dec 6 Compasses Orbs of Magic Rogue Druid Hurricane Invisibility Shield Rogue
21 9-Dec 1 Warm Capes Hidden Blades Wizard Fighter Panacea Invisibility Shield Wizard
22 15-Dec 6 Trap Tools Warm Capes Paladin Wizard Time Freeze Hunter’s Caltrops Wizard
23 17-Dec 2 Warm Capes Trap Tools Fighter Druid Hurricane Panacea Fighter
24 22-Dec 5 Warm Capes Orbs of Magic Fighter Ranger Time Freeze Valkyrie’s Bane Fighter
25 25-Dec 3 Trap Tools Compasses Monk Wizard Invisibility Shield Hurricane Wizard
26 29-Dec 4 Trap Tools Sturdy Shields Barbarian Ranger Panacea Valkyrie’s Bane Barbarian
27 1-Jan 3 Compasses Orbs of Magic Fighter Rogue Time Freeze Titanium Shield Fighter
28 5-Jan 4 Hidden Blades Sturdy Shields Wizard Rogue Hurricane Scroll of Alteration Wizard
29 9-Jan 4 Poison Darts Warm Capes Ranger Cleric Invisibility Shield Valkyrie’s Bane Poison Darts

Is this the periodic 500 gem offer for a 3* ascension mat (i.e., an ascension material to ascend a 4* hero to their final tier)? Off-hand, I do not recall ever having seen a 4* ascension mat (these are 5* hero ascension mats) offer for 500 gems.


Nice! I got a Tome today in Slot 1, which makes my 9th 4* mat in Slot 1 of the shard exchange under the revised AL. I am seeing a 4* mat in Slot 1 every 10th or 11th shard exchange.


Probably my 9th or 10th Alkashard combination. Too bad I have 23 rings and no good heroes.


:hash: Date DSL SLOT1 SLOT2 SLOT3 SLOT4 SLOT5 SLOT6 Choosen
1 2021-01-25 - Compass Orb Archer Monk Harpoons Hurricane Monk


Guys. A little bit help here. I tried to register an account in the pasting Link. It says account not verified when I try to login and email already registered if I try a different registration. No email has come (yet to me).

Do you mean forum account? Have you check in Spam/Junk folder?

No. I meant the Paste form in the legend there. So it could keep the record. Unless you do it differently?

That is only tools for helping copy-paste a text in forum, there is no need to register to that website.
A better way for table converter mardown is also here (mardown generator).

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My 3rd one, still nothing fancy yet!

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Got it. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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