Alchemy Lab 10b gave me a damascus blade and

Alchemy Lab 10b gave me a damascus blade today and it sucks. I have too many damascus blades and tomes of tactics. I need the other ones. I put a damascus blade 2 weeks ago at Alchemy 10b and it was trasformed into a tome. So I put a tome there, and it was transmuted into a damascus blade today. What a joke! I am struggling to find out why I spend gems for this joke. HAHA.

I have 5 tonics, 5 darts and 4 rings. And there are some nature (Evelyn), holy (2nd Prof. Lidenbrock) and fire (Black Knight) heroes waiting to be ascended in my roster. Interestingly, alchemy lab and the other loots avoided giving one of those to me. Instead, they gave me blades, tomes and tabards, which I don’t need. HAHA. Have u ever thought if there’s some kind of manipulation on this game’s so-called RNG mechanism?


Well try a Tabbard or Tonic Water. LOL Good luck.

Not really. I just expect RNG to be a meanie most of the time. It enjoys giving players everything except for what they actually want/hope for! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hopefully the tonic, darts, and 2x rings drop for you soon. Btw, Mount Umber is estimated to appear on 14 October, and Shrikewood on 23 October. I got these estimated dates from the player made calenders.

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I know those 2 quests will come soon. I just thought when I need some specific things in certain time, this game has a tendency to avoid giving them. It’s quite annoyingly funny to me, HAHA.

I have the opposite problem :rofl:

That Blade is from the recent Farholme so it’s too precious to use :joy:
RNG/AL10b gave me a tonic last night and to rub it in, the alkashards gave me darts


I don’t have the same issue as the OP. I still have a mats stockpile.

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20 characters of sucks for that AL.
Positive note those emblems are good though by Alkashards.

I will trade some tomes for some D blades :joy:

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Commiserations! Know how you feel. I get that too. No choice but to keep trying for me.

I’m F2P for the last couple of months so I no longer use AL for transmuting these mats as the 200 gem cost truly is just a money grab attempt. I’ll just get stuff when I get it and that’s it, which does suck. If it’s going to cost 200 gems, then you should at least be able to choose the end result.