Alchemy : craft flask

hi all,

based on the idea from TC20, it would be great if we could craft flask :

world flask : like 3*, 85% drop
raid flask : lke 4*, 10% drop
titan flask : like 5*, 5% drop

rules : we couldn’t craft two flask at the same time ( like one batiment per one, except VIP exist of course )

cost : 250000 food / 100 000 iron / 1 day craft

your thoughts?

Wait for Alchemy lab and see what we can craft then…

oh yes i know for the alchemy lab, just a proposition to put flask into ;p

Titans are kind of the lifeblood of this game. Titan flasks are (rightfully) rare. With the addition of the alchemy lab and/or hunters lodge, or wherever youd like to add it… how about making flasks craftable?

I realize you can’t have the game flooded with them. But if you make them nearly resources cost prohibitive and limit the number that can crafted would still go a long way.

Maybe 1M food + 1M iron + 4* titan parts + 3 days to create??? Limit the number that can be created to 3 per month. Just… something!

Ah what the hell. I’ll vote for it. I like titan flasks. :grin:

Maybe an option to trade in my raid flasks for titan or WE flasks.

This idea was suggested before. Everybody should use the search function before opening a topic.

@zephyr1 @Kerridoc merge?

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:


20 agrees plus another 20 search topics. :wink:

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