Alchemy building to craft ascension items

We have discussed in our Alliance (the psychedilic Insanity) of needing an alchemy building or add to the forge the ability to craft the ascension items. I have played since November of 2017 and have two 5* heros that I am not able to ascend to the final tier. With the number of crafting items that you can collect in the game why not set it up where you can craft these items (because lets face it waiting to get them can take an eternity). You can set it up where it would take several items so that they would not be something to craft easily but we do need something.

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I think it would be a GREAT idea to add a Trading Post where you can exchange materials that you don’t need for materials you do need… Like ex: trade 100 leather armors for a Damascus blade or 10 leather boots for 100 rugged clothes or something like that. You can make certain materials more valuable than others (ex: 1000 rugged clothes = 1 Royal Tabbard, 3 poison darts = 300 practice swords), or exchange inter-alliance or globally. Like an alliance member needs mystic rings, the trader can set the price to something they need… More motivation to join an alliance that can actually help you rather than just for a name or popularity.

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I agree
A forge able to craft assencion items would be beneficial. Even if crafting took a month. Darts , rings , tonics etc are much too rare. I have 4 ,5*yellows sitting without assencion because i cant get darts. Same for many players with other heros. I just recieved my 5th yellow. They will never assend at this rate. Please add assention mats to crafting.

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I am the same thus having way to many hero’s that can’t be fully leveled and at these rates thus game will die down before they ever are, meaning it will take years to get them ascended.

There is a grind (a very slow) grind to this game but having a grind and making it almost (pretty close to ) impossible to complete and use hero’s you have either spent a year or 2 getting as a free player or spent money on that can’t be used but even a grind has limits.

I am sure a player that spends heaps doesn’t appreciate finding out his loyality towards spending and wanting something great will take 2 to 3 yrs to complete.

Personally I have about 30 or so 5*s and can only use about a quater of them with only about 3 or 4 fully leveled.

This has totally FORCED me to stop spending as wasting money on more is just trash can money that has no usefulness or make any sense doing.

It is SG’s responsibility to insure this game’s hero’s can be ascended at decent times frames like say 6 mouths per hero either by way of crafting or harder raid type events specifically for ledgendary heros that brings 4* mats or crafting or at least increase drop rates on those items a little to so many within a time frame.

So yes I totally agree that this game needs some sort of lab that crafts all the ascension items no matter what the cost to craft them is, just like we have a forge for crafting battle items.

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