Alchamy Lab time bug [Solved, Not a bug]

Hi, I think I found a bug within the alchemy lab.
You see the time of transmuting left like this:

But when you click on the Lab you actually see this:

See, I originally started with the lower transmutation and then added items in the upper transmutation and the timer could not handle it. Please take a look at it.

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As I see you are transmutating two items at the same time.
Probably the timer show the earliest time.

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Yes, and that is wrong. That’s what I am trying to describe. The timer is not able to show the longer time. It shows the original time.

Why would you rather show the longer time than the shorter one?
Sure in perfect world it would show both but i think i could live with just seein the earliest process that ends first as that will mark when i can start another in it’s place


+1 on what Rigs said.

It’s showing you the smallest time so you can go in and keep refreshing it as needed.

Makes sense to me :slight_smile:


It will be interesting to see what happens when the timer is done. In theory, it should go to the time left on the longer one if @Rigs is correct. @Pois1 please keep us posted.

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Perhaps you’re right. It is just about the way of thinking. I think about upgrading so I want to see when everything is going to be finished but it makes sense that it shows the shorter time. @littleKAF when the shorter time ends the timer automatically changes to the other one. I now think it is working as intended. Thank you.


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