Albys special in AW

I thought the heros revived from albys special were only brought back for that particular battle not permanent?

If they die and are revived during the same battle they remain in the team for the next battle.

If they were killed in a previous battle and are resurrected they are only active for the ongoing battle.

Atleast thats how it was and should be.


And if Alby is the only hero left to clean up with a new flag, it doesn’t matter if he resurrects anyone. As long as you kill him, you win.

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Wait whut?

What you tell me is:
I kill 4 enemies and leave alby standing and then loose the fight.
I go back and only kill alby and leave the other 4 staning and this counts as a win?

Doesn’t sound right to me if this is really how it is.

It really is that way. Because the other 4 were dead at the start, the game returns them to that state. Then, because alby is also dead, there is no one alive in the enemy team - > you win.

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Totally not logical to me…
If there are hero’s standing at the end of the fight, you don’t win in my opinion. No matter if they where dead or not at the start of the fight.

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