Alby revive negates Wanted Heroes chest number?!

So, I killed 8 heroes in a fight, Alby was reviving. Eventually lost the match with 3 of theirs alive.

Got 2 added to the Wanted heroes chest(!)

Why? I get I lost but I killed them over and over. Doesn’t seem anywhere near fair with regards to the chest.

I think current system is fair. You gave answer already, killed 8 opponent heroes but lost anyway. You want 8 points for loss? By the way Alby is not giving back full health to heroes.

I flee from battle if I see that Alby is charged and my chances to win the match are close to 0.

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You get points regardless of win on loss. You get 5 points even if you loose because the last enemy dies of Riposte and kills your last hero in the process.

Even a real count of heroes killed before revive would be more fair than what it is now.

I think answer is simple, code for raids were written before Alby came to game. And it doesn’t count actually killed heroes just final result. Is it correct? No. Is it fair? I think yes. Balance is not broken.

It can’t be incorrect and fair at the same time :slight_smile:

That is the big problem: SGG does not follow up on their work and leave things to the players frustration.

Because of Alby and Guinevere they’ve created a situation where normal (or unlucky) players are left astray. Can’t be at certain place if you don’t have the certain setup, no matter how good you are otherwise.

The list is big and I will leave it for another thread.

@Petri @mhalttu can the above be fixed?

in my opinion its not something that they need to fix, or it will be abused, pick a weak team with alby in it, pick a healer or 2 and keep alby alife and finish half of the box in 1 raid…

that will be something they need to fix then


You can argue that any of these is correct:

  1. Only count the heroes that are killed at the end of the battle
  2. Count the heroes that have been killed at least once during the battle, even if they are alive at the end
  3. Count how many times heroes have been killed in the battle, even if the same hero is killed multiple times.

It’s unlikely we’d choose option #3. You could theoretically get the chest filled in one battle. We did consider option #2 but it gets a bit confusing. You’d basically have to keep track which heroes were killed at some point during the battle.

We discussed this, and for the time being we are planning to leave it as it is.


exactly what i had in mind :smiley:

Is it so hard to code #2 ? @mhalttu You keep track on so many things. This shouldn’t be a hurdle.

I fought the same guy again and alby was the last man standing and then he revived 3 more and I got a single hero for the chest.

In your opinion I should’ve fleed and got the 4 count as proposed or? Doesn’t seem right, really. Why people have to find ways to cheat something that shouldn’t be there in the first place?

And if someone manages to kill 40 heroes in 1 battle - why not? That’s so much work I’d give him two chests worth of rewards. The chest timer is one and the same regardless. You fill it once, then wait. Option 3 is not against the economy, timers or other in any way.

To be clear, I meant that it can be confusing for the player. Of course they probably wouldn’t mind in this case, even if they got more kills than they expected.

I’ll bring this up to the developers, but I can’t promise anything at least at this point.


Thank you! 20 Beers.

And has not happened to you in war ever? once I was with Alby and another hero and revived the whole team, several of them with their loaded specials, and they annihilated me. It was the first attack and turned out nothing, to leave there was the entire team almost full of life already …