Alby bringing back heroes to life in War

So I faced Alby in this last war and he was able to bring back heroes that were already killed the round before. I then got defeated and the heroes that were brought to life didnt show up on the battlefield. That has never happened before! Very upsetting.

Yup that is intended by design

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This is the intended mechanic with Alby. It’s a little confusing if you haven’t experienced it.

Alby is allowed to resurrect people. However, it is for that one battle only. While you can gain hp in a battle (resurrection is gaining hp as you had zero), you cannot end a battle with more hp then you started with. So in the case of a resurrection, heroes that started a battle dead will not be alive for any subsequent battles. Of course, the exception is when the whole team is killed. Then they will respawn at the end of the timer or when the entire field is killed off.

Now, you can play this to your advantage. Say you start a battle and only Alby is alive. That means he is the only hero you need to kill. Alby will get a lot of aid as he is alone. If players resurrect, the aid slows down. This can allow you to kill Alby easier with a few other heroes on the board. With Alby dead, you can then die or even flee and it will count as killing the whole board as the resurrected heroes will also be dead. So all you need to do is focus on heroes that were alive at the beginning of the battle.


Now thats new to me as i never experienced killing alby or MN and die after they fire up after the updates months ago
But do u get the full remaining points?
I remember long time ago that when Alby or MN resurrect heroes they stay there then they changed that months ago i did notice the change

I searched for another thread to confirm what I said. Here it is.

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I had this experiece too. Alby resurected dead hero I killed Alby but not resurected hero. But I got all points.


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