Alby and Mother North in Wars

If I attack a team with only Mother North or Alby left and they respawn a bunch of heros and I die…Do all heros who respawned stay if I die after that?

It depends if they were dead before you started your hit or if you killed them during your hit.

  1. Heroes were dead before you started your hit and then were revived during your hit: Heroes do not stay alive. This is due to the rule that a team cannot end up better than it started.

  2. You killed the heroes during your hit and they were revived: If you don’t kill them again, they stay alive.


No team will ever get better/stronger than before, no matter how much health will be generated or how many enemies will be respawned during the fight.

Afterwards the situation from before will be restored.


Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for. Appreciate the feedback guys.


This reminds me of the most epic war hit
It was some time ago when my team 6 was only 2890 it was meant to be an easy cleanup!!
Left were Alberich Elena and Kirill so I went in had Kirill down Elena almost done and suddenly Alberich brings back the whole team including a boldtusk and between him Kirill and field aid I was suddenly standing naked with my 2890 in front of a full health team of 3800 lol
My facial expression must have been priceless lol but I kept my cool took out the tank kept ghosting tiles filing mana I may say the board was very generous and slowly working my way through them one at a time I won in the last 2 minutes :wink:
In case you wonder with who
Lepus Kashreck caedmon melendor Valeria
Kash to keep lepus and caed healthy Valeria steals healing and with very fast mana practically heals herself so I kept her aimed at the strongest hero so field aid wouldn’t have as much effect and melendor to heal them all
It was just a 30 point cleanup but it was one of my most epic wins !!!


If Alby or Mother North are part of cleanup, and revive heroes already dead when the fight started, you only need to kill Alby or Mother North and those heroes that started the fight, if any. You win even if you die to the revived heroes.


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