Alby and Ares who got them in Atlantis?


And how many pulls?

Just being curious. Did you succeed getting Alby and/or Ares during Atlantis event?


An alliance mate got Ares with the first pull of his x30
Another forum mate said he got Albe Ares and Tarlak in row from his first 30x pulls.
Its all about how lucky you are …
No such exact amout of pulls.


I got Alberich, :grinning: I used all my saved gems and I did 10 pulls, which gave me that. I also did couple single pulls after that, but got nothing from those.


Did 2x 30 pulls (been saving gems, buying gem special deals and used 2 iTunes gift cards)

I got the shark dude on my first 30 and Ares on the second. Really wanted Alby and Tarlak but I consider myself very lucky for what I got.


I did 1 30x pull got Ares, Alby and Khiona


I got Alby on the second from my two x10. Khiona from the first and Tarlak for coins. The rest was just food.