Albrecht graphical bug

Hi guys

When Albrecht fires his special, it dramatically slows the game. Not sure if this is a grahic bug or maybe a processing bug?

Has anyone else experienced the same issue?


Could you tell me which device do you have (and operating system version)?

Hiya Petri

I’m using a Sony Xperia Z 3 using Android 6.0.1

I could maybe video the bug and send it to you?



You are right. It happens because his debuff ticking takes Time as it ticks in One Hero after Another. Makes gameplay feel slower. In fact, during titan fights it matters as you can attack less often because of this behaviour.

Despite that in my opinion Alberich is pretty useless also in PvP. It takes too long before his Mana is filled and the Healing/ mana benefit of bis debuff comes far too Late and is weak if you look what other 5 Star Heroes can do. Mostly he is already killed before i can use him. or my other Heroes are already defeated.

I wouldnt say he is totally crap. But there are stronger alternatives with 4 stars…at least if you play against titans or PvP

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This happened to me as well. I’m playing on a iPhone 6

@Petri still think there should be a settings to take off the animations for lower end phones that can’t take the strain of graphical animations.

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