Albi doesn't use skill in raids

I’ve attacked a team rolling the new green buddy Albi and I lost the raid trying to wait for him to cast his spell (curious to see how it looks like and if it will resurrect during raids too), but it appears to be bugged. On full mana the blue bar flickers, but he doesn’t use the skill. Gave him 3 turns before my team perished. Curiosity kills, eh?

On a side note, bugged is also the summon gate cause I’ve tried to summon Albi today and he didn’t come. That is just not right, men, just not right. Fix ASAP pls! >:C

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He’s working as advertised, no? His power affects his allies, not you. Are you saying he didn’t fire, and didn’t heal his allies? (Also that resurrectability is only 33% you know, and only gives 23% heal when it works at Max.)

Also, the Summon gate gives a CHANCE to get the special Hero of the Month, but it’s not guaranteed.

Like I said - the mana bar is full, but he doesn’t cast the skill, so, indeed, he didn’t fire at all.

And yes, I know it gives a chance, it was a joke :stuck_out_tongue:

grins at Ellilea

You got me again! :laughing:

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