Albericht/Mother North Healing War Bug

Not sure if this was mentioned in another thread (didn’t see one) so here goes:

One of my Alliance members went in to finish off an enemy with only Albericht left. We all know (as did she) that the less opponents left at the start, the faster the field bonus generates (for one opponent every 3 turns). Albericht fired and revived the whole team (50% odds… right [I know, RNG, :hankey: happens, but ■■■■]). Problem is, field aid was still recharging at a rate of every 3 turns, even though the whole team was revived! She lost due to it timing out with all 5 of her team still standing :angry:. I included Mother North, since she has the same revive special effect.

Although I know it will not be addressed by the devs, I think the field aid rate should adjust accordingly to the number of opponents on the field. What do you think: exploit that should be fixed, or good strategy?

Can you ask her to contact Support about that? They should be able to check the game logs, and potentially put that in front of a developer to check on / fix.

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She mentioned sending in a ticket and I urged her to do so. Wanted to post here to see if if this was an isolated incident or if others had experienced a similar situation.

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The system possibly sees Alberich as the only hero and kept on healing every 3 turns , all the revived heroes were potentially zombies, since they will go back to being dead after all :grin:.
If she could have just tried to get rid of Alberich!, she would probably have won, there was a thread on similar case somewhere.,

Anyway, as advised she should file at support.

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Hey, a couple of things,

  1. If you need a resource for yourself or anyone in your alliance, this master thread is a good reference on this subject.

  2. This doesn’t affect the point of your post, but as long as I’m writing; Alberich gives a 33% revive chance. The 50% you list is what Mother North has. Though neither makes it at all unlikely that they’d revive four fallen allies.

  3. All that said, absolutely you should file a support ticket. If this is an actual issue, I think it should be fixed (if it is a bug), and either way a note should be added to the thread I linked to in point one explaining how this works in Field Aid wars.

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@Oliz Alberich was the only target when she went in, and field aid healed him before she could fire any specials, then he fired and brought them back to life. Not sure if they all revived at once, but over the course of the battle they all revived.

@IvyTheTerrible Didn’t realize Alberich’s revive rate is only 33%, I don’t have him :grin:.

Thank you both for your replies!

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