Alberich vs Ares


Thoughts on these 2 monsters ?


Well to me you are talking apples and oranges. Alberich is a extreme force to deal with when leveled with him being able to heal and resurrect. I find he is best suited for a slower game play like raids or map or perhaps on your defensive line up.

Ares is also a healer, but not to all. However his boosts he provides to his neighboring allies is a much needed boost. He can’t bring you back from the dead, but he can boost the offense to make the enemy dead.

With Alberich in the line up he can heal all. Ares you need another healer or healing potions for the other two heroes.

Having both in the line up for grinding map work on advanced stages, or for having them on defense, they will surely give people some headaches.

If I personally had to choose one? Ares would get my vote. I can use him in fast scenarios like events or even on titans as well as the slower options. Alberich is nice, but his resurrect is not a guarantee to work either.

Hope this helps. Good luck.


If i have to spend my 2 cents, i’ll go for Ares.
I find his special more useful for my goals.

But if i have to think about it in general, maybe it’s better Alberich.
'Cause Ares ability can be replaced in a decent way with Boldtusk.


I’m voting Ares… that Ares/Wu combo = 4 rounds of pain for the opposition… made even more fun when you double colour :wink:


Ares gets used everywhere; literally every single team (other than a funsy cup dropping one) Ares is there.

Alby is my only green that’s been ascended past 60, and while he’s pretty decent even raid attacking he gets dropped in places.

As a result it would be easy decision for me: Ares >> Alby.