Alberich' Talent Grid

Please…can you post the screenshot of your Alberich’ Talent Grid, and explain why you’ve chosen that particular node and that path? Thanx in advance for the helping, my friends! :wink:

Having a decent health pool HoT scales better with defense.
Minions takes damage based on the host’s defense.

The path I think most of the players are following is DEF > HP > ATK
to make him as sturdy as possible.

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Alby’s problem is too much attack skewed stats for what his purpose is which is survive as long as you can. His kind would really only go with def/hp build.


Add him to the healer class. You never go attack with them. That’s a waste.

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So far all to the right side. As was suggested above def>hp>attk seems the best route for him.


This is from the Wisw Goat line chat room. Hope it helps.

Survival is the name od the game with Alby. He is NOT a sniper and never can be. His secondary talent of boosting your teams mana often makes the difference in a raid.


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