Alberich Special Skill

Does Alberich’s special skill cap out at 5? My Alberich is third chevron in ascendancy and 49th level in that chevron. I cannot get him above the 5th level in his special skill. I have leveled him using only heroes of the same color and recently had two times in a row where the chance for the skill to increase was over 50%. I have always only leveled him with 10 heroes of the same color and at no time was the special skill increase chance below 26%. I have never had this much trouble with any other hero. I do not believe his special skill has increased with leveling since the first chevron.

I guess you are just having a bad luck streak and don’t worry you are not alone with this kind of issue. We all have one or two different heroes in each tier which don’t budge for a while how much ever you try. Think of It as just the game’s RNG not working in your favor. Hopefully it changes for better soon for you :+1:

And here is proof below from one of the players on leaderboard, who has 8/8 special skill for Alberich before last ascension itself. Hope that clarifies and confirms there is no bug or glitch here :sunglasses:

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And here is another Alberich screenshot with 8/8 special skill by 2nd ascension itself. He must be a lucky guy :grin: