Alberich revival mode

When Alberich revive a hero, can the hero restart with 0 mana?

From my highly biased perspective as someone with a maxed Alberich, I like the mechanics just as they are. :wink:

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I think that this game received a fatal hit when the dev decided to create a hero like him…
It’s impossible that you can lose a raid when the opponent remain with the last one…

Oh, that’s not true—trust me! But I accept that there’s no hero I would rather have as the last one standing.

The devs recently nerfed Alberich a bit, so he’s not quite as overpowered.

This hero need to be revisited… Completely…
Some good ideas could been:
-limited times of respawn for every hero
-mana reset for respawned hero
-no alberich’s bonus for respawned hero

Ummm No. why would they need to do this? If they’re going to leave Ares and Hel as they are, no reason to further nerf albi.


lol u complaining cause you don’t know how to play the game. double up of triple up on red heroes. if not just reroll. other then that stop complaining. Alberich is not invincible

This hero need to be revisited… Completely…: It has been already.

Some good ideas could been:

-limited times of respawn for every hero: There is a limit. The match ends.

-mana reset for respawned hero. No

-no alberich’s bonus for respawned hero. Why?

I know… But in top100 (or over 2400 cups) he is almost everywhere, I can’t reroll hundred times. ):

'Cause one hero that respawn is a good advantage… Why does he need other bonuses?

The same goes for Hel and Ares and Athena. Learn how to beat him. The game is about strategy and yes, luck. But other people manage to beat Alberich and many of them don’t have…Alberich. I face him all the time in the top 100. I also face Hel and Ares and Athena…

I know you… Very good defence team :wink:
anyway: I go against him with bold and gormek or Scarlett, but it’s not sure that I can attack him immediately…

Natalya…the Alberich killer…

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I haven’t special heroes except a futil Boomer ):

Gormek and Scarlett should do a number on Alberich. I’ve also used Leonidas to slow his mana down since the changes to Leo he’s a bit more useful. If they ever decide to make him faster, he’ll be the bomb.

Mmmh… Nice, I have a leonidas at 70/3, I’ll try him (: