Alberich returning excess life and mana


Had a raid a few minutes ago. Alberich brought back Musashi with 80 percent health and 100 percent Mana, but which is even more Mana than he had when he died. Then brought back Thorne with over 50 percent health and Mana, and again, more Mana than he had when he died. Frustrating bug that flipped a sure win into a loss.


I am not saying this didn’t happen, but I have not experienced it. Between my two accounts I do typically over 100 raids in a day as it is a feature I enjoy. If possible, are you able to try to snap some screen shots?

The only thing remotely similar that I have seen is heroes being resurrected with buffs already on them in place. One example was a hero died next to Elena with a perfect riposte in effect. 1-2 turns later the fallen hero was resurrected and the hero still had the reflect engaged for the same duration as originally intended. If the hero dies all buffs should be cancelled.

Good luck!