Alberich resurrection


If I’m trying to open a heroes chest and end up facing Alberich. I kill a couple heroes and he resurrects them. I kill them again, do I get just the first kill or do I have the chance to get more than 5 heroes off of one raid to open my chest?


Good question. I would expect you to get more than 5 kills, but need to test it out.


I didn’t check, I had Alberich ressurrect 3 heroes, so that would have given 8 heroes. You could potentially fill your hero chest with just one raid if you keep Alberich alive as long as possible, if this is true. :grinning:


There was player in my alliance that need under 5 heroes for he raid chest and killed some then alberich’s skill got off and he lost, and got none. So Think u only get the 1 kill if they are dead at end match


Well there is also the tiebreaker, so fights can’t last too long. imagine 2 teams against each other both full of albs :slight_smile:


I’d think the attacker would get obliterated: slash damage > single color hero teams with zero offensive specials on something like 95% of the boards I suspect.


I faced someone where I had to kill Hel and Marjana twice and at the end I was thinking, I should get credit for this! I didn’t think to look to see where I was at number wise so I wasn’t sure if I did or not. Next time I face him I’ll pay more attention lol


Just tried it out.
If you kill resurected heros you dont get extra credit.


Bummer, good to know thank you