Alberich ressurrection chance

Not sure if this is a bug, or that I am just very very unlucky whenever I face Alberich. The ressurrection chance when Alberich uses his special is supposed to be 30 percent, in my experience it is more like 80 percent. With more people realizing they should place Alberich on the left so that the ressurected heroes fire their special in the same turn as the ressurrection (which frankly, I think makes him a bit too overpowered, maybe introduce ressurrection disease for the turn they are ressurrected), it gets really hard to deal with him and not even get credit for the heroes you killed in your chest (this too could be changed to make the first kill count).

Probably my bad luck, but it seems way higher than the 30 percent it is supposed to be, anyone else experiencing the same thing?

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No, well I agree it seems that way, but my luck always gives me the bad (for me) news first. :roll_eyes: I haven’t fought against Alberich more than ten times and I lost six in a row. These days I am winning.

i have play against Alberich many times and i can say its 75% of the time i kill every other hero and then Alberich fires his skill and poops the board nobody gets resurrected. lol

Yeah, just small sample sizes.

I’ve had it where nobody gets resurrected, and where my opponent’s entire team got rezzed and everywhere in between.

Been raiding with him a bit on attack and occasionally I get lucky but not that often, once he saved a raid for me, and that may matter more when I get to higher tiers.

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Yeah, we all see that after the update of his revision … So i suggest to reviue him agein !

Please draw no conclusions from 3+ month old posts if a character has been revised. You need updated info. :wink:

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I fought against some teams including Alberich in the last few days and I confirm that in the enemy teams he has a better chance to resurrect compared to my own team where I use him.

So the solution is to kill him first.

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Well, I was the original poster, I think he is working correctly now. Not sure if something changed or I was just very unlucky when I first posted this. I do have to say that albi doesn’t get a chance to fire his special very often, since this topic I required multiple snipers, so I usually deal with him first. But sometimes the board won’t cooperate and he does fire, but he doesn’t ressurrect that often that I still think there is a bug.

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Sample sizes needs to be in the hundreds or thousands to get any real statistical accuracy on that.

On the flipside yeah Alby should die sooner rather than later regardless because there are times when he will ruin your raid (or if you’re attacking with him, save yours like happened to me today).

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