Alberich problems


Hey, i encountered some problems with Alberich, it would be cool if other players could tell if they face the same problems with Alberich as i do:

  1. After Alberich used his special skill, it seems i have to tap other heroes several times to activate their special skills as long as Alberich’s debuff is on them. If debuff ends, it is normal again. Feels as if the icon of the debuff interferes with touch sensibility of the display …

  2. My red heroe, Colen, was resurrected by Alberichs special skill during a titan fight. After that, I could not use Colen’s special skill for the rest of the titan fight, although mana bar was 100% full and blinking.


I noticed I can’t fire anyone’s special until the animation for +HP +mana is completed across all characters that have the buffs.