Alberich or Mother Noth

  • Alberich
  • Mother Noth

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I think i like Alby better because his special still helps the team considerably even when he misses on resurrects.

And when he does resurrect the fallen come back harder


The % resurrects (which is clearly the most important aspect of their special) being higher in Mother North makes me choose her…

  • she is super tanky. I have had many encounters where only she was alive (when attacking that is) and I ended up winning (and in a few ocasions with ALL my heroes alive!).
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I’ll admit, at first I thought Mother north is better. But after raiding a couple of them, my vote goes to alby. His special is useful even if no hero is dead, and resurrected heroes have a much better chance to survive

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I found Albie to be very good even without needing his res, just for the mana gains. Even when my teams got good enough to not need ressing very often in events, the extra mana was still of benefit. MN doesn’t have that.

Therefore she is able to cast up to 30% additional life points.

I wish I had both :yum:

Mother noth not bad … :blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart::purple_heart:

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