Alberich or lianna level up

I have 6 tonik. Alberich and lianna 3/70. My defence is scarlet boril for tank with bonus costume mok arr and gulibansti. I have bai yeong 3/70 and wait one poison darts or costume vivika. My question is alby/yeong/boril/mokarr/ scarlet or lianna/vivika c/boril/mokarr/scarlet.

I vote Alberich. He’s a beast and always a pain to fight. BY is solid too. Shuts down some dot damage.

Wait I’m thinking Malosi. Idk I haven’t use BY. Still like Al though.


I would go with the Al/By combo. Revive is invaluable. BY does not hit as hard as Lianna but brings 75% miss to the table which can help a ton when timed right, especially when hitting a hero ready to fire a hit all special.

i have alby maxed and a 2nd i never maxed

i would go lianna personally

Definitely Alby… especially if you don’t have one already. Although I’d still level two.

He turns a hopeless board around, again and again and again!

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I agree with the Alby/BY combo. You need both a 5* hitter of some kind and Alby will also regenerate some HP for you team on top of his revive chance.

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