Alberich / Morgan leFay / Little John

I’m looking at using either Morgan, Alberich or Little John for Titans and probably Offensive Raiding. I’m unlikely to have the mats to ascend Morgan or Alby past 3^70 for some time.

The rest of my proposed team would be:
Sabina, Grimm, Lancelot, [Green], Wu Kong

I loooooooove Alby, but when using Wu, I wonder if the bigger attack stat from LJ or Morgan would be more important. Plus I do have Sabina to do heals…

Morgan’s special is not boosted by Wu Kong or Grimm. You’ll be able to get the most spectacular results with Little John, especially if the 5* are effectively capped at 3/70.

i have alby at 70 and lil john at 60. while most 5* are worse at 70 than four stars, albi at 70 is still fantastic raiding even vs 80s. most hotm have better stats than general five star and at still great at 70.

team with 5 star heroes are NOT afraid of lil john at all like teams of 70s should be. whereas albi is still very good against those higher level teams.

i would take albi to 70 (in fact i did. had that choice between albi lil john or melendor to 70. chose albi and NEVER regretted it once. ).


I’m fairly sure that Lancelot and Alberich replace each other’s mana regen buff, so there’s some crosses purposes there. LJ has better tile damage than Alberich and his mana control trick is nice. But he’s a dead-end alley, whereas Alberich can go on to fourth ascension and glory.

[see note below that the specials of Lancelot and Alberich domstack]

Alby is simply a monster, probably the best hero togheter with Hell and Athena for event (minus color reflected) titans and raids.

Using him in attack once he shoot one special all gain speed and health, on defence revive. Monster.
And he even has good attack stats.

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Turns out Alby and Lancelot’s specials DO stack, so I think I’ll go with Alby as soon as I can get one more darn Shield!

I’m hoping Wu’s tile damage boost makes up for only having two DD specials.


I agree I don’t think I could go with out my ably for any situation!
I want the February HOM. Who is also a green and ill have to be running a 2 green team because there is no way ill give up alby. Ill have to give up my lv 70 precious he is only ok in my opinion.

For titan killing, DD specials aren’t that special. I’d take a damage buff or heal over DD unless the DD special has a -def debuff attached. MOST damage to titans comes from tiles, not specials. Buffs increase tile damage every round, so they add up to more damage overall. Plus, if you have Wukong, his miss chance from special can really hurt any dependence on DD specials, but doesn’t hurt buff or heal specials at all.


Really? The amount that WuKong hits is 2/3rd’s vs his 1/3 miss, buffing the attack of ALL heroes for a whopping 185% (compare BoldTusk’s 48%).

So when he hits, it’s beyond good. If you have 4 Titan killers getting buffed 185%, that’s gonna be a great Titan hit (and this is why we see WuKong on most—if not all—of those insane Titan hit records elsewhere in the Forum.)


Wukong unquestionably has the best damage buff in the game. The point I was making is that due to his miss chance, direct damage specials are less valuable. Sure, if you hit with them they do high damage. But on a miss, they do nothing at all. Since DD specials aren’t affected by elemental weakness and cannot hit the weak spot, they aren’t as useful as specials that increase tile damage.

On the other hand, Boldtusk or Kiril’s damage boost stacks with Wukong. And if you can get her to survive, Brienne’s special stacks with all of them. So I would pick a hero with a special that buffs damage over a hero that just does damage. Again, a defense debuffer is a must-have. But after that, damage buff or healing or +mana specials are better choices than DD specials overall.

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Brienne’s special was changed last year so that it no longer stacks with the generic +Att (Boldtusk et al.).

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I was under the impression that mixing BT and WuKong (and maybe tossing in Grimm/Tiburtus) was a good idea. :wink:


I agree Rook I think its a must those three players
Fill in the other 2 to according to titan color…

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Is someone seriously doubting whether to ascend Alby!!! And then to maybe ascend Morgana…a non-boostable slow-dealing relatively-low damage!!

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