Alberich mana mechanic

I’m just curious whether the amount of mana given by Alberich is affected by the mana regeneration % of troops or buffs.

E. G. Does albi grant a hero more mana when he has a level 30 mana troop instead of a level 1 mana troop?
Does albi grant a hero more mana when ariel’s buff is active?

Or doesn’t it even matter at all, because albi gives this specific “moderate amount of mana” no matter what?

Can anyone provide some insight for me?

Thanks and have a nice evening

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It’s this.

Mana generation buffs ManaGenUp and debuffs ManaGenDown ManaBlock ManaSteal are tied to the mana gained when tile matches are done for the attacking team, and the amount of mana gained per turn for the defending team.

Mana regeneration (or mana recovery) ManaRecovery just gets added to the hero each turn, independently of any other buffs or ailments that affect mana, and independently of troops.

And yes, that translates to: Alberich’s buff does not care for Hel, Onatel, or Alasie’s debuffs if it’s active :slight_smile:


I think if def has alby buff active, hitting them with tiles does not affect the amount of mana gained from tile damage

But if def has khagan / ariel / seshat element link buffs active, hitting them with tiles will increase the amount of mana gained from tile dmg.

Is this true?

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The best way someone explained to me is this.
Alby give 0.8 tiles worth of mana gain per turn that his skill is active.
So for very fast heroes, this is 12% mana gain.
Fast mana is 10%, Average is 8% and idk for SAFs.
This adds to any additional mana buffs such as from Ariel along with mana gain from troops or family…

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Wow okay, I’ve never noticed, thanks for your reply.
But the Heal over time from Albi is affected by mana troops due to the heal+, right? :sweat_smile:

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Yes, that is correct. The mana gain increased buff (from Ariel, Khagan, etc) is affected by the amount of mana gained by the defence through getting hit by tiles and over turns.

Yes, heal over time buffs HPRecovery are affected by the healing bonus from troops.

The healing bonus acts like Tritons healing up buff RecoverUp and also stacks with it. Ditto the healing bonus node from Class trees.

I Just noticed that my heroes don‘t receive mana from Alberich when they have been attacked by Hel or Proteus and their buff is active.
Is this a bug?

Recent? It’s possible this was changed :thinking:

EDIT: in previous versions of the game Mana Regeneration was always considered independent from Mana Gain. If Alberich’s buff is now blocked by Hel, this is new:


@DaveCozy I’m just looking for an update as it relates to this comment. Do ANY bonuses (troop, class, family, or mana generation buffs/nerfs) affect the 0.8 units that Alberich generates? If so, which do and which do not? I assume the same answer applies to Margaret and Misandra, but please verify. I am also curious about Inari’s minions. Their regen is described in percentage terms. Does that get affected by bonuses? And does Inari’s minions’ ability stack with Alberich’s?
Lastly, how many tile units does Misandra generate per hit? I’ve seen both 0.4 and 0.6 and would like some clarity.

@DaveCozy Oh and I forgot about Onatel. Ok so Hel blocks Albi and Onatel from gaining mana, but Onatel will still nerf the mana of affected heros. Does Onatel nerf all types of mana generation? Or just tile based?

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