he coming back?

So I came to the party after Alberich came and went, will he be coming back out at all?? He seems like one of the best heroes on the planet!


He should be. Meanwhile, Mother North is set to appear for all of December. If things haven’t changed that is.


He might be one of the featured heroes in the next few Atlantis portals. However, the chance to get exactly him will be 1:400 which means you would have to spend an AVERAGE of over 100.000 gems if you want to chase Alberich…

However, there might be the possibility to get old HotM in the upcoming Hero Academy. I really hope that the Academy will be a possibility for non and modest spenders to get at least a few of the super valuable heroes that are close to impossible to get now…


Ohhhh Tom I’ve spent a LOT of money already…how do I get into the academy?

I’m looking to get Alberich, Mother North, Tarlak, and Ariel. Of course whatever other 5 star heroes I pull are cool but I do really want them. They just seem like all-time classics.

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  1. Wait a few months until the devs release it

  2. Bring your stronghold to level 25 (most probably this won’t be possible before the Academy is released)

  3. Upgrade even more advanced food and iron storages to build and research higher Academy levels

  4. Hope that the last few levels of the Academy either allow upgrading 4* to 5* heroes or converting 5* into other 5* heroes (with a chance to get old HotM)

As for now, nobody except for the developers themselves—not even the beta testers—habe a clue how the Academy actually will work…


At 16 now, about to work ferociously to get there before it opens

Given the pattern for the last few Atlantises, he should be back in September.

1.3%/4 doesn’t yield 1:400 odds. It’s more like 1:307.

The 50% probable point is about 213 summonings, though, because the distribution is asymmetric.


I do the 30 hero summons, hopefully that will help.


Hopefully, but this forum is full of horror stories. 100+ pulls and nothing but 3s and 4s


What??? Omg wow! That would definitely piss me off!

The only difference is that they’re a little cheaper, and you get 30 summonings from one push of the button.

213 summonings for a 50/50 chance is very expensive, and you could easily have to do a LOT more. The 95% probable point is 921 summonings. Even at cheap prices, that’s over $2,500 USD, and one person in 20 who did that many summonings would still be expected not to get him.

Best advice is to set a reasonable budget and be OK with the outcome, win or lose.


Ouch, I knew I should have looked it up, thought it would be 1 %, not 1.3 %. Still it’s an average of over 80k gems to get him with 1:307.

And spending about 60k gems means to get a 50 % on getting Alberich when he is featured (+ a maybe a few Thornes or Kadilens or so and many Friar Tucks and Dawas😂)


“Hideously expensive” is the phrase I’d use :confounded:


Lemons taste good errr…

I did 2 30’s and a 10 this time… how big are the chances to get 2 drake fongs given you already have one… I wanted ares or Kage… sigh…

No more Atlantis pulls when I already have one of the featured… :rofl:

Yeah I’m gonna await the featured as well lol

Approximately the same as the chances to get 2 extra Atomos when you already had one from the previous Atlantis and wanted 0 more.

I decided not to tempt fate on this AR because Atomos is my bete noir.

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I expect (according to the previous features) that he will appear in September. Just a prediction and I can fail horryfyingly, but I hope I will be right. Pretend like this post doesnt even exist


Don’t worry: if he doesn’t come back, we know who to blame!


At least, Alberich will appears once more in current Atlantis portal.

He already made featured for 2 times, compare to Mitsy, Athena Ares and few others that already hit 3.

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Haha, I guess now that he’s going on my D team my question was answered :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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