Alberich glitch


I was raiding a player that had alberich, he used his special and brought back Joon. That is fine because that is his ability but immediately after bring him Joon used his special without me taking a turn and lost no mana so without me hitting him he used his special a second time. That’s ridiculous


this happens all the time to me with Albi. Apparently he brings back heroes just as they were, so if a gem cascade that killed them fully charges them, they come back fully charged and immediately fire.


Yeah but he fired and didn’t lose mana so he fired a second time even though I didn’t hit him on my turn.


Maybe its solved now?


You can check the 1.9 version notes (and later), to see if this was addressed. :slight_smile:


of course i see something about It And i Must say its overpowered ;)!


Have you looked here? Is he still OP in your opinion?


Technically, unless you are still talking about the glitch the original poster brought up, let’s move this to a new discussion.