Alberich Avatar?

Am I the only one who is waiting? :grin:
I would like to be the only one with him as avatar but I don’t think so :grinning:

If i remember correctly - they have already got 1 time on Alberich…it’s been awhile?
Maybe i was wrong. :slight_smile:

As far as I know, he wasn’t there until now.

If you don’t have him yet, he appears to be the current featured avatar for the small sum of 1200 gems…


Thank you, I have him already :grin:

Good luck to you! i am still waiting for Alzar Avatar…:frowning:

I hope for you he will be the next :slight_smile:

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Has the wu kong avatar been released yet?


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Saw him in my shop. .

Has Athena been released yet? I like to have avatars that are my strongest (or most interesting at the time) hero.

Yes she has. Will take some time until she arrives again.

Azlar is in the shop atm… :wink:

Yup! the 1st day I already got it the moment it releases.and Thanks for highlighting. :slight_smile:
So happy on getting this. I guess need to highlight in the forum then they take noted abt it. :laughing:
Almost spend away my gems to try my luck on the heroes. lucky i hold it.

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