Alberich about?

When will Alberich come again ?? I want to have him

Sorry bud you just missed him. Maybe around March he will be back

I was very sorry. I wish it would have come sooner. Do you have a definite knowledge on this?

I suppose all hotm will circle around the portal. So we had 16 hotm so far, being 2 per month on Atlantis it would take 8 months. But I don’t think it will be static so he may appear sooner. It’s not a definite answer, only someone from SG can give you that, we are just debating

I understand. It’s a very good explanation. I’d be very happy if someone answered.

I am not staff, and we players have no idea how exactly they are choosing which old HotM are re-released. But every month they add a new HotM and offer two of the old ones, so there’s a very limited number of times that we will see a hero on re-release. Two times, tops.


I want alberic coming soon

Alby was last month. I doubt we’ll see him again for a while.


Alberich was in Atlantis for 3 days impossible to get tried :frowning_face:

Not impossible, but not common.

It would be foolish if they just scrapped alberich.

I’m sorry, but I think you’re right.