Alasie timetable

Does anyone have an idea when Alasie might next be available? Thanks to the Christmas event I have the capes to ascend Magni to 3 but I really have a crush on Alasie and I am debating if I should hold the mats in hopes that she pops up soon.

It could be months. By that time you would get the 3star ascrntion materials needed for alasie. Plus, magni is great.

I’d level immediately

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le sigh…lol thanks for the info and advise

I have 5 alasies at least. And i still want magni. You wont regret leveling him.

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Magni it is! thanks @Rigs and @fancypants This is my first 5* to level to 3 so just a bit nervous about spending the mats lol

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He is well worth every mat and every feeder

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You won’t regret it at all


done! on his way up…but I still want Alasie lol

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