Alasie. Should she have manabonus?

I already have 23 mana troops on her. Should I give her the mana bonus or the shield bonus? Will she be any faster with the mana bonus?

Yes, if you give her the class bonus (2%), then along with the level 23 mana troop (13%) she will be charging up with 7 tiles instead of 8. :slight_smile:

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Yes… Always yes :stuck_out_tongue:

Biggest benefit is that the mana bonus reduces the level of the Mana Troop needed…

As @ThePirateKing said, it reduces it by 2%. Then you ONLY need a Level 23 troop not the Lvl 28 one you normally would.

Will typically take 3 matches to charge either way

Matches are normally 3 tiles each

Ghosting you’ll still have to combo at least 4 tiles since half of 7 is 3.5 and we cant do half a tile.

So for me i went with the stat increases instead of the mana node. Especially since i plan on maxing my mana troops anyways so figured I’d rather spend the resources once rather than spend them now and later use a reset emblem to re emblem them again

Where mana boost makes the most difference is very fast and average mana heroes as it decreases the # of matches typically needed to fill mana.

Average mana decreases from 4 matches(10 tiles) to 3 matches(9 tiles)

Very fast decreases from 7 tiles(3 matches) to 6 tiles(2 matches) or 3 tiles ghosted(1 match)


Perfect explanation thank you!

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