Alasie performance

Can you see that Alasie is working as her stats suggest? It seems like she does not last as long as she should, her mana seems slower than fast and her attack seems soft.

Is it a bug or just your feeling?

You don’t see her often nowadays, but if, she’s like she has always been. Snipes hard and leaves her non dispellable ailment.

Maybe you can make her slightly better by giving her some more talent nodes.

I have her on the defense talents level 12

I think it’s a bug. She seemed stinger when I had her at 4/80 without emblems. I have her hp set to 1444, defense 760 and attack 760.

Also, Joon may be buggy with the same concern. In particular defense. I have 12 emblems on him. Should I start a different bug topic for Joon?

Wanted to mention my emblem path strategy is usually balanced, favoring the cards weakest stat with an emphasis on hp/def.

Mana generation could be improved with the type of troops you are using, maybe you are using the wrong troops on her? Sometimes this could happen with raids, wars, or events depending on when you place the hero in your attack team. First hero placed in your attack team always gets the strongest troops. Hope that helps🙂

I use Alaise and Joon fairly frequently and they are working fine for me.

Yes, I’m using level 21 mana troop on alasie, she is in left flank next to Telluria. Thanks for the response, I’ll keep monitoring the two. :wink:

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