Alasie or Thorne

SO Got Alasie to 4/40 and have Thorne at 2/30

Did a single pull and nabbed another Alasie (first time geting 2 hotm’s in a month)

I dig her…grimm was my “blue” of choice…Alasie is a game changer for me.

Amazing how many more defense raids I’ve won since putting her in front.

I kinda would like to put a pair of alasies flanking center thorne as a tank. Or Something like Azlar, Alasie, Thorne Satana Alasie… I took a shot from thorn that cracked me for 900dmg that’s some serious damage with decent splash.


I float on the border of diamond / platinum

This is not good idea to have 3 heroes of same colour in defence team. Do you search heroes for raiding only? Do you have enough materials to ascend blue hero to rank 4?

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Bring both ascensions to 2.60 and wait… maybe you’ll get Ryuk

Between the two listed: if you lack someone with AoE than level Thorne (his only strong point), otherwise another Alaise.

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That’s terrible advice. Alasie is one of the stronger blue 5s, Thorne is the bottom of the barrel. At no point should anyone consider EVER ascending Thorne over Alasie


Do you advise to ascend second Alasie and not to wait any other blue hero?

If the choice is “2nd Alasie or Thorne”, then yes, I would do a 2nd Alasie. Thorne is just not good as he is. He isn’t worth telescopes unless you are a truly F2P player who doesn’t have any TC20s running and won’t anytime soon.

There’s also another option of “wait”. The telescopes won’t actually burn a hole in anyone’s pocket.

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Slightly off-topic: Telescopes can burn if you aren’t careful.

Slightly on-topic: I’m not sure I’d describe Thorne as bottom of the barrel (I can think of at least two other 5* heroes worse than him), but definitely situational at best. If I were in this position, I’d take Thorne to 2^60 first for AW bench depth/variety, then work on ascending Alasie 2.

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He’s the bottom of the barrel for blue 5s and it’s not close. I’d rather have an Alasie at 2/60 for AW bench strength than Thorne at 2/60. She’s that much stronger than Thorne. “Variety” only matters if the things that are being varied are roughly comparable. Introducing a penny to a pile of quarters introduces variety, but I’d just rather have another quarter. Or at least a dime.


I agree.

For example Melendor/ Sabina work well because one is weak to red and the other is weak to purple.

But Dawa / Bane, I would rather have 3 Banes, Blindness is much better than 3* splash damage.

Also 5* heroes take 212% the XP and 200% of the 3* ascension items of a 4* hero, so choose wisely.

Some heroes suck, some are good, but most are medium.

I think the better question is whether there is a blue 5* that you’d ascend OVER Alaisie. I have Richard and Thorne on one account…I haven’t wasted telescopes on either of those pieces of garbage, so Alaisie came just in time.

I have Alaisie and Isarnia on my other account…not sure which one to ascend there, yet. Opinions?

I’ve chosen Isarnia. Good for titans, acceptable for offence/defense.

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I were kinda joking here, even a Carver could have more uses than him.

I was recently struggling to get a 5* Ice hero. First I got Isarnia and then a week later I got Thorne. From what everyone was suggesting on the forums, I decided to not level Thorne and level Isarnia. I ended up getting Alasie and started focusing on her. Stacking her with Grimm is amazing. Even after the buff, I don’t think Thorne is worth the resources. I would rather level the other 4 Alasies I have than Thorne.

I can ascend another blue. May wait a bit and go for rumplestiltskin

I like targeting 50 cup raid opponents

I got Richard this morning from TC20. So far I have 2 Magni, Isarnia and Richard at 1/1, 13 months playing and 5 telescopes. I was thinking to start ascending Magni but now with Richard I’m not sure any more. I already have Sartana, Marjana, Joon and Lianna on the road to 80/4.

It’s either Magni or isarina. With all the hitters you have, an argument could be made for Isarina as a defensive specialist, but I think most would say Magni for the fast mana and defense buff.

On my defense team I also have vivica 64/4 and nathalia 80/4. Why did you discard Richard?

I’m debating between Alasie and Isarnia myself. I had been leaning heavily toward Alasie, thinking along with the community that fast typically beats slow, but the closer I get to 3/70 and the moment of decision, the more I seem to be wavering.

I’ve had my hiney handed to me a time or two by the few all-slow teams I’ve come across (Horghall-Isarnia-Justice-Azlar-Quintus-type teams) and am tempted to ascend Isarnia and try it myself (albeit with Guinevere tanking).

I like that it’s unusual, and it’d be nice to have Isarnia’s defense-wrecking ability for titans and events…

On the other hand, Alasie makes for one helluvan attacker. She’d be indispensable in an ice-stack against Ares and Azlar and Gravemaker and ‘Hood tanks. It’s a shame her mana reduction got nerfed so hard as to be imperceptible now…

Bah. Decisions, decisions…

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On offensive raids I think Alasie wins it hands down. On defense I still think Alasie is better and Im thinking about replacing Grimm with one of my 4 other Alasies once I level them up.

He is useful for defense, but not much else. If you can’t hold cups and really need a tank, then sure he’s pretty good, but the others are so much more useful all around…

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