Alasie or Perseus

I have enough mats to fully ascend one 5* hero and its currently between Alasie and Perseus. Who is the best all around I guess. My other 5* are Sartana, Joon, Tarlak, Drake.

Alasie. She is a solid sniper with mana generation debuff. Fast mana makes her deadly. Perseus is good but not as good.

Wait, you can max any of those 5* or just one of the first two named?

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I can only max one of the blue heroes. The others have already been maxed.

Coin flip. I prefer the Perseus special of blocking healing as well as big def buff, but if Tarlak has gone off first there should not be enemy left. That Tarlak special would also make Alasie deadly so her splash mana debuff might outway Perseus’ def buff.

My experience is that Perseus is nice to have, but not so stunning that I bothered to ascend him past 3/70 even when he was my only blue 5* and I had the materials to level him.
I waited for better prospects, and lucked into both Alasie and Arthur. They’re now maxed, while Perseus is still waiting, now in my queue behind Magni and Isarnia, for that distant day when I have the telescopes to level more 5* blues.

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I have Alasie and Perseus maxed out on one of my accounts and a second Perseus at 3-70. I use both Perseus in AW every time. When I decided to Max out Perseus on that account, Alasie was not yet available. If she had been, I would have chosen her over Perseus.

I still really like Perseus, but I like Alasie’s mana slowing even more. Although, it could be a bit more effective.

I don’t have either, but I have a tougher time against Alasie when raiding.

Definitely Alesie. Perseus is solid but no spirit link, less defense and HP I believe. Alesie is definitely rated as A and A+ across the board for many reasons. Scopes come to hard not to ask questions. You did the right thing there

Alasie, 20 characters

Thanks everyone for your opinion. I was not lucky to summon Hel during the season 2 summons…