Alasie or alice in defense

So alice is currently on my defense. Final ascension for alasie. I can get her ton20 emblems when finished. Now I already have 2 heros that cause all attack down. Alice makes it 3 heros attack down.

Should I switch up alasie and Alice to give variation? Alasie gives higher attack as well.

Alasie, she hits stronger and her mana slowness will be more dangerous than third attack debuffer


Yeah that’s what I was thinking. I love alice, but alasie packs a meaner punch and I’m already getting attack down from c quitness and zeline

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Completely agree on Alasie. I have Alice, and she’s great, but for defense Alasie is better for her skill.

Cool man, thank you for your input.

I always have trouble with Alasie on defense. Alice not so much

The only thing defensively that Alice has over Alasie is being a Rogue. That might tip me over to Alice personally. A rogue on the wing is annoying with the dodge. Still, Alasie is a fine defender with that undispellable mana slow.

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