Alasie/Natalya specials concurrency

Alasie: -24% mana regen for 3 turns
Natalya: -54% mana regen for 4 turns (+ dot for 4 turns too)

My understanding is Nat’s debuff should overwrite Alasie’s, am i wrong?

Currently it works like this:

  1. Alasie hits hero X with Spirit Arrow: X gets mana regen debuff
  2. then Natalya hits X with Burning Chains: X gets only the dot part, debuff part do not stick

My guess: those debuffs can’t be dispelled so they cant be overwritten as well?

Does it work as intended? Or there’s a flaw in programming?

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It made sense to me and I think it’s intended. The only thing that can effect an “undispellable” is if the same hero re-applies the ability to refresh the counter.
Thankfully it goes both ways, if you apply Nat first you can’t overwrite it with Alasie’s weaker debuff.

Only 2 opinions so far: 1 voting for “collateral damage”, 1 for “intended”

I generally use both Nat and Alasie in raid attack, i can say that Alasie is made really awkward when her special is ready before Nat’s (1 out 2 times kinda needless to say).
Can i safely hit that Alby or the hero next to him? Will i regret on next turn when Nat’s special pops out unexpectedly?

Anyone who was in beta and/or can confirm whether or not it has been designed on purpose?