Alasie inconsistent with Mitsuko's ice reflect special

I have experienced the same bug three times when Alasie uses her special skill on a hero with Mitsuko’s ice reflect status active. Her special skill damage will fully hit her target and she will only have the mana generation effect reflected back to her.

See screenshot for example where Kiril was killed by her special skill. August 4th 2019 at 1813 PST

Alasie is in Ranger class, if emblemed has class chance of attack bypassing defensive buffs, and that includes counterattacks.


In addition to the above post, her direct damage and mana press are treated as separate skills. There is a chance to reflect one part and not the other. Same goes for Athena.


Worth mentioning is that this principle holds true for essentially all resists, reflects, blinds, and miss increasers like Wu Kong. Each part of a special is a different element for the purpose of resisting, reflecting, or missing.

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Well that would explain why the “bug” is erratic as her talent skill activating would be erratic… Thanks for help solving my mystery! So much stuff to pay attention to now…


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