Alasie ratings?

Worth adding or wait? I currently utilize Perseus5* 4th tier ascension…THoughts? I also have Kiril but I have yet to invest in him…

I’m also curious. I usually only summon during events and I wasn’t very excited about Pirates so I didn’t spend much. I don’t have any blue 5s but I do have 2 TC20s going and have 3 4s leveled (Grimm, Kiril and Sonya).

I got lucky and pulled her in a one-off summon. I don’t have any other blue 5s so she’s next once Grimm is done. Haven’t seen her in action yet, though.

I love her :heart: She’s fast her special seems a little show or drawn out when using lol which sucks when battling titans. I prefer her over Thorne



My current situation


Ascend Alaise before Perseus. She’s WAAAAY better than him. If you don’t have Athena, then Magni and Alaise are your top blues.

I have her at 79 (so cloose) and things just melt after getting hit.


Level up WU & Delilah ASAP

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Wu and Boldtusk. BT will be a staple and amazing for almost the entire game. I use him to raid 80s still.

Do whatever Dante says lol Hey Dante what level are you in the game?

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Player level? 42. I spent all of Oct - March only farming 3 flag zones (5-8, 6-8, 8-7), so I don’t get too much xp/flag. I farm primarily 12-9 now, with dips into others.

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I’m player level 27 team power 3359 but have hit the wall as it comes to grinding levels. Trying to catch back up

What level do you use your loot tickets for? I currently do the dark lord at the end but I’ve noticed the loot for him isn’t really much.

Hey Dante Can you please take that Guin off? I raided you 3 times already this week and she is a pain.
But you mark my words: just wait for my new attempts and…

… get more of my cups :cry:

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My Zeline is tier 4, so wait until she gets added to the mix. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: There’s a reroll button you know…

@maliciousbuthot - I’d usually use them for whatever level I want to farm…so 12-9 usually.

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Nah I won’t reroll, everyone is beatable, I just lack good luck on the board to kill Guin fast.

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@Dante2377 I have Grimm, Kiril maxed and Sonya almost there. I currently have no blue 5*s and only 3 telescopes. I’m pretty much set at just about every other color (red BT is almost maxed and I have Nat at 2-60, green Zeline is in tier 4 I maxed Caed and I’ll work on Melendor next, yellow I have Delilah working toward max and maxed Wu, purple Sabina and Rigard are maxed and I’m working on Tibs). I’ve been saving my gems for event pulls, but pirates didn’t excite me so I didn’t use many there (I did get Peters though). Do you think it’s worth it for me to try for Alaise? If so, what color should I try for (red is currently active)?

hmmm…so much of “should I try for her” is dependent on what your budget is…do you have falcon and jackal? How many gems are you planning on spending this month and next?

Looking at it by colors and 4 stars:

blue: you have the 3 worth getting
purple: you have the 3 worth getting
Green: you have Caed and Mel along with Zeline and peters. Those are all good
yellow: only Wu for a 4, but IMO only chao is worth if from the 4s (Hu tao isnt good and Li Xiu is only useful mid level defense)
red: really just BT.

You could use some red depth - gormek and colen will help your green titans a lot and kelile and scarlett are fast hitters.

But not knowing how many gems you have to spend and if you have jackal or falcon, I’d say wait for guardians.

Thanks, that is what I was leaning toward. I overspent on the event before Pirates giving me basically every 4* out there but only 2 Merlins for event heros. Most are still at level 1 but my bench is insanely deep in variety for each color. I also have 2 TC20s spitting out a hero once per day so I’m hopeful I can get some of the regular 5*s through that eventually. This is why I usually only summon during events.

For Guardians, I have Falcon and 2 Kongs.

I have 6k in gems and usually only buy when there is a 4* ascension item in the pack (I bought the last 2 pack offers).

hmm ok, with 6k you’re looking at two 10x. While people certainly get the hotm in that or less, my experience is the average is somewhere around five 10x. Thus with two 10x, you’re more likely to get jackal in guardians than alaise this month, plus you give yourself a chance at panther, small as it is.

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