Alasie - Hero of the Month April?

I found this while searching google for some card images, sadly it was posted in an internal forum that I have no access to. Can someone confirm if this is the new hero of the month for April or if it is a normal new 5* hero?

It’s a hero being tested in the Beta for the coming months. I believe either May or June HOTM. The hero has already been changed from what you posted.

@Rook What’s the policy on having too early beta leaks on the general forums?

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Thanks for the information :slight_smile:

Sorry if it isn’t allowed to post this, let me know and I’ll remove it again. The image was showing up as 3rd picture result when googling with the keywords: empires puzzles hero of the month

Google sees it although it is supposed to be posted in a private forum.

I honestly dont see any damage done just by posting beta pictures and discussing, as long as people understand it’s a pre-version and don’t start making demands and such. Specially in cases where its obvious the person did it without bad intentions. The forum should be a free space to debate anything, as long as we all know nothing here is deffinitive and mandatory for the devs to attend.
I even think its an extra source of feedback. The more we talk about it the better.


I heard April will be a purple healer. That being said I haven’t seen any images.

I am posting the one I have since last month.

All be aware it can have some change when released next month.



I think putting a big BETA watermark on the image before posting in the forum would be a good idea. Better yet would be the devs putting this watermark on in the actual beta version of the game.


OP af

20 characters and whatnot

I do not think it’s a secret, here is another new hero, I do not know if the month or normal, and some advance of the Easter event

To answer a couple of questions:

  1. April HOTM should be Aeron (as previously posted on the Forum.)

  2. The Blue HOTM is in Beta testing. This means it is coming in the future (but no one necessarily knows which month, since we sometimes test more than one card at once.) It also meant that until it is actually released it’s stats/Special are possibly subject to change.

  1. I have seen the Bunnies; they will be released during a special event for Easter, and their stats/ special have been slightly upgraded since their original release last year.

  2. To date, SG has not indicated a public policy towards leakers. I think they tolerate it, though of course it would be nice if things weren’t leaked within the first three seconds it’s viewed in Beta. :grin:

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I noticed as soon as beta was opened 2 threads opened up with the new heroes. Were those removed for the reason you stated in #4?

I assumed since they disappeared there was some type of hush-hush.

“I can neither confirm nor deny…” :grin:

They were removed by someone other than me. But I would have done so if I had gotten there first.

That blue hotm is nice, but that dark is trash for a hotm. No “OMG OP” special abilities to warrant avg mana, move that to fast mana and now were talking. Far to many good dark heroes for a hotm dark with those weak stats.

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I’d be happy with any HOTM at this rate! I’m 0 for 10 so far… :grin:

You will pull Mr Lepus and all will be well. :rabbit:

Yay! Bunnies!

(…wait a minute…) :grin:

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Instead of getting a mere hero of the month, you’ll be getting a Bunny of the Year!

The problem is people clearly don’t know that it’s beta even by the responses in this thread.

As a heads up Alasie was already nerfed and that’s an outdated image; Google crawls this site and cached the image when two threads got posted in the public forums.

They were moved to the beta forum on the premise that beta information shouldn’t be leaked… but neither Sara nor Petri commented on our question and Rook is apparently fine with it so whatever :slight_smile:

Rook is wondering what Petri/Sara will say.

My personal stance is that info shouldn’t be leaked the moment Beta turns on. C’mon.

But if SG was adamantly against all leaks they would be more public about it. I think they are okay with a little leakage. :wink:


Bueno !

I spy with my…

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