Alarm clock freezes the game (Apple)

Dear devs,
Here’s an annoying thing on Apple platform - game freezes when system alarm clock rings.
The saddest part is that when it happens during a war battle - game freezes and battle finishes with 0 points.

I heard it several times from different RU-community players.
Yes, I understand that it’s technically not a game’s bug.
But if you could look into it and fix, that’d be great!

@Saanzi , @Petri , @Gabteeni
Thank you!

Here’s video how exactly it happens
(OS v.15.0.2, iPhone 12 Pro Max)


Ouch, this is not good.

I hope staff can help you.
I think there should be some solution for this in the game.

If they do not answer to you then maybe @Dudeious.Maximus or @Guvnor can alert Staff about this.


I honestly Can’t see how this is down to the game or how sgg can be blamed for this…
Maybe contact apple about it…?


I do not know how is IOS work under the hood.

Maybe the interruption of this alarm causing an unhandled exception in the game, and that is causing this freeze.
Or somehow it is not unfreeze itself once the alarm is turned off.

Maybe if there is nothing what can be done inside the game, then maybe there are some IOS settings what can prevent this.

I do not know.

Maybe its worth to look at it by Staff.


Thank you for the report. We’ll investigate this here!


I’ve had this happen a few times too. (Only in iOS 15.) It’s inconsistent though. Sometimes it freezes, sometimes it doesn’t. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you just swipe the banner away or pull it down to snooze or end the alarm either.



most common issues

iOS based alarm bug ( usually fixed by Apple. eventually )

Corrupt config / system file from too many iOS updates ( I wipe my phone when installing every major iOS update. Do not restore from backup or it defeats the purpose. Instead manually rebuild )

SGG bug handling system return ( usually shows up during Beta testing )


My money is on iOS 15



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This problem still exists. I know about it more than 3 years and can repeat it in any time on my i7+ with titans.

As result - game crashes, you get 0 points and lost all used battle items.

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Other games and apps not crashed on my phone with alarm clock. So what Apple can/must to do with it?

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